Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some Thoughts July 2007

Remember..though these are customers (hummer guy) and suppliers (older dude w/ proposals) they are just trying to get along with the employees (me). They are having fun, as I am having fun telling you all about it. I don't have any romantic interest in the guys I mentioned. BUT I am in a place where I get to meet a lot of folks. As family, you'll be the first to know if the real thing comes along. But meantime, I am having fun! I like people and I enjoy meeting and talking with them..and they can tell. I love to laugh and if I can get those I am with laughing too, all the better!!

Later today I will have to clean the house as thoroughly as I can make myself do that. How one little critter and one woman can make such a mess, I don't know. At least I don't toss grit out onto the floor the way Milady does when she is at her toilette!! (litter mess) But powder and lipstick and hairspray may just be my equivalent down the hall there. She may have the last laugh after all! She was sure laughing at 0615 this morning when she woke me. I really wish she'd adjust her watch! I detest being awakened that early or worse every day. Once I am is very difficult for me to relax enough to drift off again so I just get on up. When Fall and Winter come, I will get an extra hour as the daylight (that's her "watch") will not be available to tell her it's time for everyone to be up and about. Keeping her out of my room is not an option. She would not understand... and though I dislike being awakened, I would miss her purry self.

I am glad you liked that new ring. It was a pleasure to try to take the picture. I don't think my point and shoot though it is fairly new, is doing what I want it to. I believe you really DO get what you pay for and in this just isn't taking as clear or bright a photo as I would hope for. I really don't think it is "operator error". Macro is macro..waiting for it to focus is just that...and when you go thru whatever motions you are supposed to..the picture should be pleasing. Often it's not.

Meanwhile..have a wonderful Sunday. I will be on your doorstep momentarily.

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