Saturday, October 16, 2010

We're Back July 2007

First...Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends. I am proud to have such a great Country as our Nation's friend.

We had a very pleasant trip to and back. Sunny and hot as blazes all the way there, all the time there and all the way back. We did go to that concert...LOUD and reverberating through my body. It was great!!!!!!!!!!! I have the little mini movies from my camera and lots of pictures. Thing is, the stage was far enough away that you can't tell what's what with the performers as we sat 3 rows down from the top! Of course, they had the usual large screens so we could see anyway.

I never knew what serious sweating was till Saturday night. I mean, face it. Diva's don't put themselves deliberately into a situation where they are going to do serious sweating. However, sometimes it's worth it. I put my hair up on top of my head (it's long) and I was unthinking enough to leave my bangs hanging down..h-o-t!! But it was just SO hot, so oh man. Sun was still shining of course when we got there. It was like, maybe 1730ish...and while there was great music, it was about an hour or so before the big names came out. Around about 2100 a cool breeze started and then came rain. But we were so miserable with heat and sweating it was, like, who cared??? That breeze and rain felt wonderful! In one of the pictures I included below, it was very early yet and people just starting to show up.

Miss Catt missed me and has been sticking like glue since I got home. She had a visitor Friday evening in the person of my good friend who sent me an email I got while in Charlotte that my little lady allowed herself to be BRUSHED! That has NEVER happened except by me, ever. AND played with her laser pointer red dot! That was terrific news. Then the pet sitter finally came Saturday and my little one hid after that. She just does NOT like that pet sitter.

What have you all been doing and how have you been keeping? I must go see you and find out!!

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  1. Well The God make not easir for everybody?
    What can we do about that? nothing:-)
    I like your hair up top of your head that I used do it not anymore.

    Why Miss catts doesn't like the pet sitters?
    My friends has cat and I used to go to her house just across the street and she likes me very much as friend? although we seen each other most of day when her Mum going away time I fed her at the time this cat always asked me to stay with her:-) So we watchs TV for a little while then I came home. it was a nice memorable for me I wish that I live near by your home..

    Hope you and Miss Catt have a good night asleep.
    xox Sis.