Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wowzer 8/2007

We are in the middle of breaking another heat record.  It's 100 now..soon to be 101. No rain.  All the grass and some of the plants are brown.  Sun  We just don't seem to have any rain on tap and our rain deficit is continuing to climb.  That's the reason I got  the bird bath, so they could find a drink.  It's really bad out there.

Yesterday was my youngest son's birthday and I went over there to take him to dinner besides the fountain we all got him.  He has two bird baths plus the 3 bowl fountain. (One bowl pours into another and then another) and the birds were there enjoying it a lot.  There was the family of blue birds who were all in it at once.  Four when I looked and then if I remember correctly another joined them.  Then a Starling came and scared away some of them.  He wanted a drink was all.

We went to a great restaurant last night for his dinner.  He chose.  He said it's a place he takes people he's interviewing.  They had a chicken dish called "Kickin' Chicken" that was out of this world good.  It was broiled chicken or baked, one or the other covered with a thin almost runny extremely savory gravy.  Not too much..just right.  There was a very delicious and very savory bacony flavor to the gravy.  WOW!  I mean your tongue could beat the roof of your mouth to death trying to get that down in a hurry it was just SO delicious! 
There was a small serving of garlic mashed potatoes too and some broccoli.  The chicken serving was not too big.  Everything was reasonable in size/portion.

I drove us back to his place and he put a DVD in narrated by Sir David Attenborough, BBC, called "Life of Birds".  EXCELLENT!!!!!!   I just watched the one DVD and left so he could get himself unwound and ready to go to work today.  He took yesterday off. 

I have to go back out again in the heat of the afternoon to the other jewelry store where I took two very VERY expensive rings in to be appraised with photos so as to enable me to get a policy for them.  It wasn't ready at 1400.  I feel "nekkid" without the diamond ring.  It is my signature piece and I have been wearing it  day in and day out for years.  That reminds me, I need to look at the floor in my bathroom closet to see if I still have the ultrasonic cleaner.  That's a rough job...finding the floor in there.  Too much stuff on it.  I cleaned off the shelves yes, but I did not do the floor.  Urk.

SO waiting to have a break in this weather.  We have 4 leaf raking season now!  Spring, when the week long Easter freeze happened and killed everything,  Summer, now, when the leaves are falling off the poor trees who have just given up with no water and intense heat.  Fall, when most fall off anyway (there will be little Fall color this year due to the tinder dryness) and Winter when the oaks FINALLY shed their leaves.  FOUR times.  In MY yard (you saw the photos) that is a major MAJOR job. 

OK.  Done for now.  Been to see most of ya. Laters.Red heart

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