Saturday, October 16, 2010

You eat, You Pay JUL '07

I will never learn.  If you eat a whole pound of bing cherries, you are going to be miserable.  I thought I would just have some of them but one led to another.  Next thing I knew...they were gone.

I thought I would buy some of those curly light bulbs that a few of you have recommended.  I bought one to start to see what it would be like.  First, seeing fluorescent white light over there at the end table is startling as the yellow light from the incandescent bulbs prevails in the room.  However, one has to get used to that I suppose.  Very "cold" looking. My next complaint is..this bulb is supposed to be equal to 100 watts in light "power".  Well, it ain't.  I am very dis-satisfied.  It's too dim.  Says it's 23 watts and like a 100 watt incandescent.  Not.  I hate to spend more money on more of the suckers if they are going to be that dim!! Those of you who recommended we all start using them to do our part, what do you say about how dim they are?

Meanwhile I was going to go see The Simpson's movie this afternoon but got side tracked.  I will go tomorrow I think after several other things have been accomplished.  I won't be free to leave the house until noon anyway.  Work starts Thursday.  Sigh.

Did I tell you I found a little top for sale..white, banded sort of puff short sleeve with a tiny red and blue print all over.  Pearl buttons and darts in the front and back.  CUTE!!!!!!  I had gone to return the 2 loaves of bread...Sara*Lee has a giant recall of all their breads due to metal shavings in it.  So, having just bought two loaves, I had to haul them back again and get Merita bread.  Made me mad to have to go all the way back, and darned if their shelves weren't still stocked with the recalled breads!!!  I told them (WalMart) and they were unconcerned.  I guess HQ had not told them yet.

I'm trying to catch up on my reading.  It has been falling by the wayside.  Part of that reason is that I am falling asleep quickly once I go to bed.  The book is usually on my nose..really...when I re-awaken to turn off the light.

I am putting a picture in here of what the entire yard..front (which you see some of here, back and both sides will look like come November.  It is a challenge raking this stuff that drifts to my calves..and I hire ot done for a terrible amount of money.  NO one wants to do it.  Sad I was just looking at the picture again.  That was before my neighbor and I got our houses sided.  The leaves, unfortunately are the same. The houses look OH! so much better!  :-)

Hope it was a good day for all of you. 

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