Saturday, November 27, 2010

All Gone :-(

I am not always aware of how much I miss my boys until they are here and stay awhile, but of course, go on back to their own lives and homes.  I admit,  I always miss them but for some reason I miss them more this time.  I really enjoyed having them here and thanksgiving was fun with no stress as we ate out.  It was worth the money (a pretty good restaurant with chefs and everything :-)  )  Home for resting our bellies and taking a few pictures plus a sign of the times..not one of us didn't have their hand held device out later in the evening as we were playing one another in an electronic Scrabble game. I thought it was funny.  (That would be iPhones).  Later on after two of them left, I heard my middle boy playing chess with the computer.  Man, what scraping sounds those chess pieces make when they move.

We did some shopping on Black Friday (no middle of the night for us) and I saved $$$$ on a present for the youngest.  I got a few other things too. 

Miss Catt, aka The Admiral  got all kinds of loves and pets.  Man, she was afraid all the fur would be worn off her head from all the kisses and off her sides and back from petting.  Oh she loved it!  You should have seen her!

Ordinarily I clean up after everyone is gone but not this time.  Watching the game on TV.  Maybe we'll get to go to a bowl.

I'll be around to see you and JennyD I found the water agitator w/ battery and I'm in!  :-)  Thank you so much again.



  1. Wooohooooo! A Wiggler on the loose in Tn! Lol, so silly.
    Yeah, Carole, the closing of a holiday gets harder each year, probably because our own mortality comes more into play. I don't mean to be morbid, I just think it's true. So we miss them more when it's gone and we appreciate them more when they're here. Now, if they could just appreciate those days and days of work on that meal! Lol. Glad you went out to eat; that's the way to go. There's always home to go to afterwards and settle back on that sofa and pop that button open and zip those slacks down a few notches. I just had a thought: can you imagine if everyone did that right in the restaurant? Wow, what a visual I just conjured!
    I'm going to leave you with that thought ;)
    Sending a big turkey hug from me to you.

    (Hey, you might want to run by Lisa's page;sad news over there; sorry)

  2. I know how you feel about the boys going back to their lives. I have 2 in Colorado and the one that lives here in Idaho is in Texas working! Every year it gets harder because I know that the visits become more rare as their lives get busier. I broke down and got a webcam so I can visit with them and see their faces. I'm happy you got to have them this year!
    Give that wonderul kitty a pet for me!

  3. I'm glad dinner at the restaurant was good...with a chef and everything. ;-)

    Sorry you miss your boys...This is a difficult time of year for a lot of people, not always the "happy happy joy joy" season it's "supposed" to be. I assume they'll be home for Christmas, though!

    (((Hugs))) and Light.

  4. Carole, I just saw what you wrote at Lisa's and wanted to tell you that it was SO beautiful and touching that it made me cry all over again. She will love that; it was perfect.

    (Leaving the house now and won't be back until late tonight or tomorrow morning. No, not a hot date, just the regular girls' night out)

  5. Things are usually quiet at my house, and while I enjoy visiting friends and seeing new places, I am finally becoming comfortable with coming home and not feeling down--like the holiday or vacation is over, know what I mean? The cats help...a lot!

  6. I can remember that empty feeling, but I'm fortunate to have my sons closer now. Christmas is close and your sons will hopefully be there then. I bet Miss Catt misses them too.

  7. Good Morning Sis!
    I understand 100% that how you felt after your visits gone home "silent" I wanted be a little longer to be togeather BUT they have own life to levied.
    Do you know Asian countries have custom to lived with their parents all their life past around to next generation but not anymore:-)
    I think that is too much lived with inlaw?
    hope your cold getting better today:-)
    xoxox Sis.

  8. Man, that sounds so good! I can't remember the last time we had a stress free Thanksgiving especially the day after that we always seemed swamped with concerts. I am really happy for you!

  9. Carole, Chip's dog, Sam The Wonder Dog, died today, and he posted on both of his sites in case you don't get the update. Lord, what a day :( but I knew you'd want to know.

  10. Hi Carole, I'm glad you had a nice time with your sons. And you're right about eating out on Thanksgiving. It's not bad at all if your at a good place. I hope you have a nice Sunday.

  11. All of my family is local except for a cousin who now lives in London and cousins in Australia. I wanted to go out for Thanksgiving but was overruled. Though I must say I did enjoy the fact that I actually got to watch the Patriots on television. The women in my family weren't crazy about the fact that the men wanted to watch football. Normally I wouldn't care about Thanksgiving football but my team was playing and I like to watch my team. So I made a stand. I am going to watch the game and then we can eat. We normally don't eat till about 3 in the afternoon so I didn't see the harm of waiting another half hour and I got my way! This time. My brother in law thanked me.

  12. Awwww, I had a feeling you were missing them

  13. I know you are missing your boys. It is not quite so bad this year for me with my daughter living close by. The last few years were bad though. I think I am through Christmas shopping.

  14. I understand how you feel. It was so hard last spring when we left OR, after visiting our youngest and his family. Then we went to our daughter's in June, and our oldest son came in July. For some reason it was more emotional for me than usual to say good bye. I'm so thankful to have one son and family here close...such a blessing.
    Glad you had a good restaurant for eating out! Lack of stress is always welcome.