Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alone Again December 2007

f you are not humming that song just by seeing it in the title..there is something wrong with my power of suggestion and I will have to apply myself more in order to affect you.

But the title is because I am alone again, naturally.  (See?  I worked it in again to tweak the ol' memory buds so you can hum it along with me).  Middle boy and his son left this morning and the house, while clean as a pin is too quiet and I miss seeing their faces.

You may correctly interpret that as I miss them terribly as I also miss the other two boys.  However..I hoped the best thing to do aside from cleaning house (I even polished all the wooden kitchen cabinets) would be for me to make a blog about the day.

I have not quite finished the paper but I will say I saw something intriguing!  Some of you perhaps know of the organization called The Red Hatters.  I believe it is open to ladies 50 and above.  That one isn't for me, so I have not looked into it.  But today...today I saw this in the paper.  The Blue Thong Society.  Now we're talkin'!!  You know me.  If I live to be 100 I will still be in jeans, leggings, beautiful tops, tailored dresses and suits, platform heels, and anything else that may showcase my attributes, whatever I may mean by that. Wink I have a mindset that is more like what I read in their website.  Looks just right for divas.  They don't call me diva for nothin'!!

Meanwhile I have been honored by MSN again as a Featured Space.  I should have known immediately as the visitor numbers rose dramatically several days ago.  That was nice, and I appreciated the honor they accorded my Space. 

Christmas is well and truly over...all the clutter, paper and ribbons are gone and put away for another year.  New Year's Even is almost here and with this I would like to offer New Years wishes to the entire blogging family that I have come to know and care about through the past several years.  As I with you, so have you all been with me through thick and thin. You have all come to mean a lot to me and I wish you the best through the following year.  Health, love, friendship, close family and friends, and all you need to be comfortable.  I wish you opportunities to be of service to others and to be the angel we sometimes entertain unawares. 
I wish you kindness and the opportunity to be kind every day.  And I wish you vision to see opportunity when it arrives and the will and ability to follow through.

Go with God dear friends. 

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