Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And Now, For My Next Trick 12/07

I have my new Nikon now and I like it.  I managed to only call my one boy 2 times.  Both for reassurance and I can proudly say, I set it up myself!!  Glad it is another Nikon as the instructions are at least familiar.
I am going to try again to find that photo I took of me with the dead camera.  It's all delightfully fuzzy and I love that!!! Gosh, I usually have to put a bedsheet over the lens.  It did it for me in a manner of speaking!  BUT it remains for me to find it and you can see the ew-glee hair color.  It has washed out some more since then, as it is now russet in color.  Far more bearable.  Oh and the blonde highlights are starting to pop out again.  Tongue out  You sure can't keep those guys down long.  Bleach is bleach however foofoo the Salon is that put the highlights there.
I am going to write an email to my son's school and direct it to the two band leaders and trainers so as to compliment them on the excellent work they and the students did the night of the concert.  My son, by the way, is a Science teacher of the 7th grade levels.  Someone had asked and I had forgotten to reply. 
While at the school after getting lost, to have lunch with them Monday afternoon, I, my son and my grandson were all seated at the same table with a number of other students.  The cafeteria was filled with kids.  Afterward, I mentioned something about the number of kids and wondered which were his.  He said they all were.  That was half of the seventh grade.  And that the table we were seated at was the detention table!  I said " WHAT!?  You seated me with criminals??  No wonder they were staring at me." Open-mouthed  I love to go to school and often have to meet the kids.  One day I need to go on Career day and talk to my grandson's class.
They really were staring at me.  Guess they thought teachers came out from under stone or something and never could have a human mother.Open-mouthed
Hope you all had as good a day as I did.  Red heart
For some reason, I still cannot find that photo.  I have NO idea why it is invisible to me.  I went thru my pictures, the whole shebang.  So..till another attempt I guess.

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