Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cat Attractant Nov '07

What is there I wonder, about a freshly made up bed with clean sheets that attracts a cat right to it?  Turn down the counterpane for additional possibilities!  They are drawn as in the moth to a flame analogy.  Make the bed and they are there.  Wallowing and rolling, feet up enticingly in the air..snoring.  Now mind, YOU never got a chance to enjoy the fresh fragrant crisp sheets.  Someone else got there before you and made a soft comfortable nest.  But no mind.  There is a new scent (cat fur) awaiting your pleasure when you get to bed assuming you can persuade your fur person to abandon its nest.  If not..climb in on the other side of the bed being careful not to disturb the cat.  After all.  Who got there first, right?

And then, there is the well known ploy that we are pleased to call our reader service or  otherwise known as the supervisor.  That is when the family feline settles attractively and implacably onto your Sunday newspaper at the precise moment you have spread it out so as to read.  This is done by your cat as a service to help you read the paper.  Failing that, the cats purpose is to supervise you while you read.  In which case you will find a cat's head fixed directly between your view of the paper and you.  We know who wins.  I rest my case.  (hint:  It isn't you.)

Then, adding to the day sometimes, there is always the "call to arms" to galvanize you. That occurs when you are busy at the sink perhaps.  You turn to walk to another area without looking down and there is a hair raising screech from somewhere near your feet.  Someone has been stationed right at your heels and you had no knowledge of that.  You know what is written about sunrise coming  silently on little cats' feet?  Well, cat feet are silent, so no wonder sunrise sneaks up on us and we are unaware.  Until you accidentally back up onto a cat foot that is, and then, silence flees.  You pay the price with a wounded looking little pet who glances over a shoulder as it rushes to find shelter from mean old you while you follow to whichever bed the poor wounded thing goes under, so that you can abjectly apologize and feel guilty, as you certainly should.

I ought to go in there, turn on a lamp and take a picture of Miss Catt who is in the bed now, enjoying her leisure and a nap. In a freshly made bed this morning too.  So this is not the first of her sojourns on the bed today.  She has had several occasions today to test the softness and make it her own.

Have a great evening!

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  1. The cat has to be the center of attention and I hate it when Kassey comes quietly up behind me in the kitchen.