Friday, November 26, 2010

A Cure A Cure..My Kingdom for a Cure! Nov 26

Does anyone know something good over the counter for sinus drainage?  I didn't know I had a cat curled into my stomach while sleeping on my side..until I started a dry cough.  She got tired of being bounced and jolted so she got up and only then realizing she was there.  After she deserted me, I owuld say 20 minutes later the sinus drainage started.  Ewww!

Do you all know anything to take OTC for drainage and its resultant cough?  Something that WON'T make me sleepy? 

I can't have the cat... um...catapulted over against the wall from my coughing if you guys know a way I can stop the drainage..or dry it up?


  1. Ugh. The only thing I know of (at least it works for me) is Afrin spray. That stuff will open up your nose big time and stop the dribbles while it's at it. Just be careful and do NOT go over the recommended dosage.
    When sprays first came out, I can remember my parents trying to make a game of it. They'd say, "Just put that little tip into your nose, sqeeze, and SNERD it up". Lol, the things we remember.
    Carole, I saw your comment on Joe's page. I thought to myself, "HA, I beat her here!"

  2. I never use OTC anymore, but I use honey, whiskey, lemon mixed, if you can stand the whiskey, you've got it made. At various times, just honey alone is good. The mix is in even amounts. A useful tip I heard recently on DR.OZ, telling us never sleep on the left side, because the heart doesn't have room to function well and can cause heart failure. This has nothing to do with the subject at hand, but good info.

  3. I use honey in a hot cup of tea. That will sooth the throat. Dr Oz said on his show last week to get a saline nasal spray (saline being the key word). That will clear out your sinus and is the safest to use. Oz said that, I have no knowledge of it.

  4. I agree, saline spray is absolutely great and really should be used every day like clockwork. It kills germs, is gentle on the passages, and keeps the nose moist as it should be. But, in this particular case of Carole's, and as it came on from most likely her cat near or on her face overnight, it has done a number on her. So, I would hit it for ONLY today with the Afrin and then start tomorrow and forever with the saline spray.
    And Carole, the saline comes in a big spray container, is inexpensive for the amount you get, is sterile, and will last a long time.
    Ok, that'll be $5 due Dr JennyD ;)

  5. Hi Rambling! Does anyone use a medi pot? I love those things. You just put water mixed with a little salt and do that once a day and it works! I also use it if I'm starting a cold.

  6. And if you need to hit the big guns, like I do, since I'm prone to chronic sinusitis, there's mucinex.

  7. Poor thing that already you have a cold?
    Maybe changing season cause it?
    I can't thinking of without sleepy to stopped the cough? Does Miss Catts get cold too?
    hope you get better,

  8. Wow, Carole wrote that early this morning and hasn't been back yet. Poor girl, must be feeling rotten now.

  9. Well sounds like everyone already just about covered everything. Just catching up on your blogs. Loved your grasshopper in the flower and your misty water. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs Carrie

  10. I'm sorry to say I have nothing to contribute. I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Wow, I know where to go when I have health questions! Everyone has way better things to add then me in the medicine department so let me add a prayer to it all and call it good. Get well soon Carole!

  12. It obviously depends upon what the etiology of the symptoms are. Generally the most powerful over the counter decongestants come in spray form and contain oxymetazoline. They are addicting and should only be used for a couple of days. Systemic decongestants are brutally bad for you.

    As to allergy symptoms, the most powerful antihistamine is actually an over the counter drug, benadryl, but it is also the most sedating. Gnerally for allergies to animal dander I use Zyrtec which is mostly non sedating and seems to be the best of that class from an over the counter standpoint.

  13. My first thought was a netty (however it's spelled) pot. My son uses one and thinks it's great. Beyond that I know nothing about OTC drugs. Hope you're much better today.