Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rain Rain Come and Stay 12/07

t wasn't much but we got about a quarter inch of rain..a lot of wind..record breaking 71 degrees temp. Not a dent in the rain deficit but we will take any we can get.

I decided to stay in on the treadmill for exercise this time.  Blowing rain outside and too warm. Cold front will being snow flurries this weekend. Maybe in a day or so I will head on out again.  I wanted to take some pictures but it was gray and raining or drizzling so, only a few.  I am trying to see what this camera does in the hands of someone like me who isn't that technical.  Maybe when the weather is better.  My youngest said he will wean me from the auto focus as I need to improve technique.

Tomorrow the oldest will be here.  I have laid in some supplies...and he'll have a good supper and breakfast.  Smile 
He will have my new all in one printer.

The temperature has been slowly dropping since it hit the high record breaker temp this afternoon.  There is a faint chill in the house.  I have gone from shorts & tank to fleece yoga pants and T. 

I haven't a thing to say as you can well see for yourselves.  I have been around to most if not all of you.  Come and give me something to talk about.  I WAS going to rant about the mysterious theft of  all turn signal indicators in town as I did a year or so ago.  Perhaps they have all rotted and fallen out onto the roadways though.  The mysterious force that turns brains to jelly was operating in a big way this morning however.  I was coming home and the street I was on is the right of way.  There is a stop sign for an intersecting street..both ways for that street.  At either side of the intersection..but my street...straight on through.  Supposedly.  I was making my way home and for my sons who are reading this, it is where Weigels used to be that I am speaking of. 

Anyway, there were several vehicles in front of me and all were at an all ahead stop.  Therefore making me come to a stop.  There we sat.  Three vehicles in front of me...one each at the side street at the intersection and one vehicle (who certainly has the right of way  as did we on MY side of the intersection) was at a stop facing us.  There was no movement for at least 2 minutes, no kidding when *I* got there.  I was straining to see what on earth was the matter.  Someone layin' dead in the middle of the road or something?  An accident?  No..it was the Mysterious Force That Turns Brains to Jelly. Believe it or not...no one knew who had the right of way.  How can you NOT know????  Oh well.  A piece of fudge would make it all worth while.  I must see to it I make some.

Guys, hope to see you.  Turn your signal lights on though will you, when you pull into my blog driveway!  Sheesh!

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