Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rainy Day in Tennessee

(Bet you're humming "Rainy day in Georgia". If not, I missed the mark!)

It's raining like it means business. I went out in it and got stuff done..and too, I hate sitting around. Anyway, isn't the national news..U.S. really, something so bizarre that you'd not have thought we'd be having those sort of problems? I am referring to the W#i*k*i leaks. I think that was inexcusable. National security means more than anyone as a business person having their day of fame and all that resultant money. That person will cause serious consequences... I would not be surprised.

Why are the airline pilots and attendants not required to be groped and viewed nekkid like the rest of us? I bet celebrities escape too., Just as chickens..we never complain much about anything We just roll over and say "what can *I* do". Valid question.


  1. It poured rain here all day yesterday. Today is cloudy and lots of pretty snow flurries. I heard on the weather scanner that we may get our first snow in a few days.
    I agree with you about the leak. this is very serious business and I hope someone has to pay for it.

  2. Rainy, dreary, so glad I can reach out and touch my blog family, key by key.
    I hope they pay dearly.Everyone should be treated the same way before flying.

  3. It's raining here but our rain kinda is frozen and fluffy! LOL We are expected to get 4-8 more inches of snow and already have about 13-14" now. I need a big snow dog to rescue me with some liquor. :)

  4. I'm on my way, Dana, lol
    Yes, Carole, the leaks are horrible. I don't care if it's something that the American public should maybe know or not; the point is that the REST of the world, and certainly not the terrorist groups, should ever see this type of information. Scary things happening out there.
    It is very, very warm and actually even humid here today. Between that and the orange sky I saw after midnight last night, I think we might be in for some bad weather soon. Rain's ok because we still need it, but it feels more like dangerous storms. Hope not. xoxoxo

  5. I forgot: Yes, Carole, you were right on the mark with the song. Before I ever read your post but saw the title, immediately I started humming Rainy Night In Georgia. Thanks a lot, lol. Stuck there for good now ;)

  6. Rainy day here in KY, too. We rec'd over 2 inches of much need moisture.
    What I'd like to know is why doesn't Congress have to go through those scanners and the gropings? Something tells me it would stop if they did? As long as it continues I won't be flying. Now they're even talking about doing the same thing in bus and train stations.

  7. We're slated for A LOT of rain tonight and tomorrow. Better than snow, we say.

    The wiki-leaks are all over our (Canadian) news too. Trouble is, in today's culture, nothing is private. Best not to put anything in writing, in any form, that you don't want splashed across the front pages of a newspaper.

    As for the scans and gropings...Now why am I even faintly surprised that your congress men/women don't have to abide by the same rules? Always there have been "rules" for the masses and and entirely different set of "rules" for the "elite" and I can't imagine that aspect of human nature and human social organization ever changing. Ppffffttt. I'll stick with my cats, thanks. Far better company than most humans! :-)

  8. So many are being groped at the airport they no longer have... left to deal with the Wiki jerk.

    Spineless people we have in DC, very selective on the laws they enforce.

    had two snoflakes here. i missed them

  9. Hi my dear friend. I am so glad you stopped by. Thankyou, It is always good to hear from you. :)
    It has rained here all day also , and suppose to get more rain tomorrow. The grass is green and no snow, but may get some flurries tomorrow late afternoon.
    Seems there isn't much good in the news but I guess that is pretty much the norm these days.
    I haven't been out with my camera as I am still struggling with that darn inner ear virus and taking meds to keep me from being dizzy. I am back working but try to pace myself and working slower than norm. Anyway, please remember me in your prayer Carole. We are also putting our house on the market on Jan. 15th and hoping to down size, and then maybe I can work a little less, and have a little more time to relax and play. Wouldn't that be great!
    Take care Carole
    Hugs Dianne :)

  10. I love a rainy night..song by eddie Rabbit.. I love that song..anyway.. sad that so many think its a good idea to leak things that might put someone else's life in jeopardy. It stinks!

  11. Would love to have you come to my porch door. I have plenty of coffee cups, unless you have a special one you prefer. Also, usually have homemade bread to go with that butter. Oh, we could have fun!

  12. 1. Though it is interesting to learn about the "behind the scenes crap"...Our National Security is more important! I believe that those Wikileaks folks should be taken out!
    2. I believe that the Pilots should be the only ones be exempted from the exams. Hell, if they want to slam a plane into a building, how is a scan or frisking going to make a difference?
    The Gov't is ass-backwards on this whole thing. They should be profiling!!!!!

  13. I'm just thankful you're not under a ton of snow like we are...it's just plain dangerous out there still. Tomorrow it will melt and then freeze...ugh! I don't mind how it looks but my gosh it's so nasty to have to go out in it. As to the Wikileaks - something stinks...I think there's far more under the surface going on or they'd take it far more seriously...or maybe I'm missing something...the weakness in which we've dealt with that feels much like the weakness in which we've dealt with everything from North Korea to Iran...I don't get it. Groping...yeah, feel up kids and people that are getting past their struggle with cancer and miss those who are actually there to do us harm...it's maddening!

  14. I hope they find that guy and lock him away for good. I don't care which country he was trying to destroy, it's just immoral and disgusting.

  15. You're more than welcome to send a little of your Tennessee rain our way. We never get enough rain in Southern California.