Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thank You 12/07

I appreciate that you read the last blog and commented on it.  It was one I wanted to write several days before but I see it took a good round of housecleaning to get it from my thoughts to my fingertips. I meant every word sincerely and tried to find a way to ask anyone who suffers from fear of rejection to keep offering love.  Love will come back to you no matter how you feel it is not in your future.  It is. I liked and appreciated each comment and I thank you for them again.
I have been out in the cold, gasping and complaining up the hills and finally remembering to stretch my hamstrings first and before I get out of bed.  It certainly helps with stiffness due to the added muscular strain.
I am getting ready for a lunch date,  A nuclear engineer.  And a Yankee.   He has no discernable sense of humor.  Not a plus in my book.  I love to laugh and after quite some time working around the guys...I love to kid.  This lunch will probably be the last far as I am concerned.  I haven't asked Miss Catt her opinion but I feel sure it would reflect mine. 
You should see me though. Tailored black pants, with a white satin/lace cammie and an off- white (open- not buttoned) batiste top...tiny covered buttons and no collar but tiny rows of lace..probably 7 deep.  Heavy silver jewelry and you know I have it!  Smile .  I have my heavy dangle teardrop silver earrings and my black cord necklace with my crystal and marcacite pendent...choker style. Black heeled boots.  How do I look?  Wink Oh, and I am having a good hair day too.  May as well come and go in a blaze of girly.  It has been a while since I put you through reading my dress choices and so on. 
Oh, and my silver ring that looks like a rose.  And my honker diamond ring of course.  There.  I didn't leave a stone unturned in this recitation. 
Oh!  Did you fall asleep somewhere in all this?  I'll turn the light off and shut the door.  Rest well.  Red heartMe and my computer Dec 3, 07 002  I took the picture you see on the computer but what I wanted you to see was the lettering worn off my keyboard.  What a pain for a non touch typist.
I can tell my outside exercise is paying off.  Happily, while I never went up a size...the sizes I have had to squeeze into due to quitting smoking are becoming less vise-like.  Of course, not eating like some mindless amoeba helps. 

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