Saturday, December 4, 2010

That Dinner

That dinner was pronounced good by the oldest who was here and the first of the boys to taste it.  I also made him brownies which believe it or not..I did NOT have a single one.  I have half a pan to the next door neighbors and he took the rest home with him this afternoon.

The little one is still mad at me and I don't blame her.  The Vet dragged her through the wringer yesterday but it had to be done.  No wonder she hates going so badly. She has had an improved appetite though and for that I am pleased as she lost close to half a pound.  That's a lot for a 10 pound cat.

Cold as can be out there and rain all night and day.  Maybe it will taper off tomorrow and I can get out ..wait..I will be out.  Having lunch out with someone.  In Knoxville.  Looking forward to that.

I have invited the youngest for the same meal next weekend.  Looking forward to that.  The chicken and potatoes were truly good. Please give it a try.

I just deleted what else I was going to say as it was a rant on behalf of animals who are at the mercy of humans.  I'll speare you and myself as well.



  1. My sweet tooth woulda gotten the best of me on the brownies. I hate too that Miss Catt had to be treated by the V-E-T. I'm hesitant about Kassey's rabies shot cuz she stays inside except when she wants a breath of fresh air.

  2. Hi, Carole, I just put Santa and his reindeer and a snowman on my blog. It was easy after I followed the directions.

  3. I couldn't have passed on the brownies. LOL. You have amazing self-control!

    Enjoy your lunch today. I'm making your chicken and red potato recipe for supper tonight; chicken's thawing now. Hope dried rosemary will be okay, because the store didn't have fresh.

  4. It would be hard to just made the brownis for
    someone? but you would be okay with out sweet.
    Enjoy your lunch with your friends tomorrow.
    Please said Hello to Miss cats.

  5. Boy, do you have willpower! I've been known to give away a pan of brownies, but then I get flack at home from the boys, who whine, "Didn't you make any for us?!!" Even if I only have one, I still get to clean the pan out before I wash it! HA! Big ear rub for Miss Catt! My Caruso was skinny as a rail this summer (about 6 pounds) but has already ballooned up to about 12 so far this winter! What a guy!!!

  6. Carole, your dinner sounds wonderful. I will have to look for the recipe on your blog.
    Sorry Miss Cat, and you had to go through that ordeal at the vets. I do hope you both will be well and healthy over the Christmas Holidays, and beyond.
    Hope you had a good time out with your friend, and yes, it is very hard to pass up brownies. You did good girl, and an inspiration to us all. :)
    Do have a Blessed Sunday my friend.
    Hugs and Smiles
    Dianne :)

  7. Oh, Carole, that recipe is awesome! Made it for a late lunch, just finished gobbling down more than I should have. YUM! Thanks! Probably will post it on my own blog, but will link back to your post.

  8. I was in the post office yesterday mailing stuff and I heard something interesting. I will email you.
    Dinner sounds so good and I like brownies too.

  9. We have custom to do that if you made something new (yummy)or you go to a trip to overseas then brought back a little thing and past next door neighboors I think is good customs(in Japan).
    Enjoy with your friends,
    xoxoxo to Sis,Miss Cats.

  10. For the most part I don't make brownies...although, I could (and usually do) give them to the grandchildren. They're convinced one of my jobs is to provide goodies for them. Seeing all the raves about your chicken, I believe I'll have to try it, too.
    Enjoy your lunch out.

  11. Oh I could never make brownies because I would eat them all. Hubby's wants me to do some Christmas baking I hate that cause I end up eating it all. Life has been a bit crazy here. I just haven't had much time on the computer. Seems there is always something now that needs doing, then by night I just want to veg at the TV. Hubby has been using the computer more now. He found a place he can watch his soccer games from Germany live. One 2 hour game and my download limit is gone for 24 hours. I make a very similar recipe just with a whole chicken and roast it with pototes. We do have our own meat chickens I had raised this summer. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Carrie

  12. Carrie and I are the same with Brownies.I eat and eat or used too. I havent eaten much all week or just cant. .Maybe if I make Brownies.
    I made chicken for dinner tonight. My sister is still here with me . It was good and I cook it the same way you do but make gravy with it all and a salad.
    I would try the cold and snow for rain any day.
    I love the rain.