Saturday, January 15, 2011

Credit Card

I have something nice to say.  Believe it or not.

My credit card company starts with a C. and the statement for the month came in the mail yesterday.  It was late, about 5PM but I called the 800 number anyway as there was a mysterious interest charge of $1.90 on there.  I just was curious about it as I pay month to month in full.  So, I called, and even though it was a foreign call center (think "Peggy" in that commercial that's SO funny on TV) when I asked very pleasantly what the interest charge was for, he told me the previous month I had reversed two numbers and instead of paying $121.00 I had paid $112.00 and therefore the balance was just that..balance and so it rolled to the next month and interest added.  He kindly offered to remove the interest  for which I thanked him.  Then, he told me I had 3000 or perhaps more..I forget, reward points, did I know?  I said no, I didn't pay attention and had no idea what that was all about and if it means a discount on merchandise, I was not interested.  But I said it softly and in a good tone of voice.  He said if I wished he could give me a credit of $44.00 or something like that  credit off my next bill by cashing in the rewards. I said certainly I would appreciate he did that for me as well.  Then, he told me about something else the card does, and I think it has to o with cash back.  I asked why they do that and he said because they wanted to be my best card..(more business that way, of course) so I said I would think that over.

I appreciated the help, the customer care and the entire experience.  I have never failed to find their customer service excellent, few times that I call..or the former company before this company bought it, Carolina First.  They were terrific.

Just thought I'd tell you.  ♥♥

Here is today's sky.  This was IT in the entire sky!  I have not seen that pattern before.


  1. I am delighted to hear you had a good experience. I had had my credit card with the same company for nearly 30 years. They keep wanting me to change it to this card or that card, and since I have so many accounts already set up to use that card, I hate to change it. As it is when I get a new reissue I hate it because I have to go to all the accounts and update the new expiration. I know that's laziness! MOL!

  2. Gee, nice to know a big corporation can have good customer service! :-)

  3. Yes, that was a nice post. I've had my same one and only credit card for 40 yrs and have no problems at all, either. But I suppose that's because I'm like you and pay it off to a zero balance every month like clockwork. But I have to wonder: Since I've had this card for so long, why do they send me MORE mail saying, "you have been approved for...." I love when one hand has no idea what the other hand is doing :D
    Part 2 here: I left you a note re your note on my human blog. I'll paste it here for you:
    "JennyD said...
    Carole, you are such a know I'm playing with you and you have to love the wordage.
    Do you know I am STILL in the same pjs? I should be shot.
    Sat Jan 15, 05:43:00 PM"
    Part 3: I wrote to Stacy and placed an order!
    Part 4: I'm am DYING over Mr Puddy LMBO!
    Enough? Yes, enough.

  4. Oh my lordddd, you have got to go back to Lucy's page for a minute and look at the very last comment (from the angel cats garden). Carole, my sides are splitting, the rumor has officially begun!

  5. ..and btw, it's 6:30, I'm starving without a bite all day and the pjs are now stuck to this blasted chair. I am going offline, lol.

  6. What a beautiful sky. Makes me long more than ever for spring.
    I love that Peggy commercial, makes me laugh every time.

  7. I have a lot of experience of dealing with companies with poor customer service. :-(
    So when I receive good customer service it makes my day happier :-)
    It is really nice that big corporation values good customer care.
    The photo of the sky is so beautiful. I hope the good weather continue :-)

  8. Isn't it odd that we are amazed at good customer service and actually expect to have problems? Something is terrible wrong with this picture.

  9. Customer service that's of any value at all is a rarity! I'm sure glad that worked about as well as it did! Love the sky there...very unusual looking. I still can't bring myself to go out and get pictures of that ugly world outside my door...this is weather to be endured and I kid you's not pretty out in my neck of the woods.

  10. What a nice experience. Some companies understand customer is the very best asset.

  11. Carole that certainly is about the most unusual cloud formation I have ever seen. No clouds here today. I have never had any problem with the people at the various customer service people I have dealt with except with trying to understand them. They were always polite. However I have no love for the cedit card companies. They will legally try to screw you any way they can.

  12. Well that was nice. Mom always said you get more bees with honey then you do with vinegar.

  13. It's good that they really value you as a customer, rare these days. I'm a cloud watcher and this cloud formation is unusual, beautiful.

  14. I guess that I'm just an old Fuddy-duddy, because I try to avoid using a credit card like the plague. I have a "debit/credit card" which I use only on rare occasions. I use it for business expenses, but never on-line.
    I have my "hide-out cash" and a special "hideout checking account" located in a little town about 30 miles away. Maybe it is dumb logic, but, it makes it a little difficult to make rash buying choices. Not that I do that, because I'm so damned cheap!
    I'm like my Mom in that respect, whereas if I need or want something ( I mull it over for a few days, then decide if that is what I want to purchase). The exceptions are rare KY History Books or some new magic trick.
    To me it is somewhat scarey that someone who "runs your credit card" at a restaurant can get enough info to wipe you out with no warning whatsoever. Then, it is to YOU to sort it all out with the credit folks!