Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Way of Things

FINALLY got my old polish off (always clear because I take too long) and new polish on my fingernails.  A slight bit of color this time.  Shocking pink back on my toesies.  I did the nude color thing too long.  And I have dry hands and tootsies so I'll slather them suckers up tonight after my shower.  Life is good.

The small Boss will have run out on the effects of the pill that enhances her appetite.  We wish to see how she'll do without it after these several weeks.

I am still looking for things that I want to take a photo of.  One friend said it well yesterday, that the photos are there, I just don't see them.  Very astute comment.  I did see something several days ago in Knoxville and as we were gone for the day doing girl stuff I didn't bring the camera and I saw TWO  things!  One was an old old OLD Motel with the  Tourist Court sign from like, the 50's or something!  Coolness!  And the other was a slender young tree with one branch removed on it's side and treated with something so that it looked like a Cyclops type eye.  NO CAMERA!  NEVER fails!  Victoria Camera is in a large carrying case, and her extra lenses are in there too as well as several filters.  A lot to carry on a shopping trip..dang! Wish I had.

Oh OH!  We stopped at this restaurant in the huge huge shopping area and had lunch.  Must have been under temperature or something else, because the next day, oh, man, I had some effects from that meal. 

Hope you guys had a good weekend.  Ours was sunny. Coldern' geewhiz but sunny.


  1. That tree sounds interesting, trees always make good photos, love 'em.
    I hope Miss Catt keeps her appetite up without meds.

  2. You sound like you having a blast. I think we all go through that not seeing. I do .. I sure do. I hope to see soon. :)
    Im thinking of getting a french petacure for my vacation. Not sure yet and just leave my nail.
    I would love to have the ones in the salons but then I dont know if I could use my camera.
    Hope your little girl is doing better. Sadie and Orangie are coming out of the barn on these warm days and sitting in the sun with me. I havent even felt like taking a photo of the two of them. Gessh.
    Have a great night.

  3. It seems like the winter cold is reducing my nails to nothing. They are so dry. But I do a weekly clear polish, and I love the gunmetal gray on my toes!
    I just love all the deep grays in fashion this year.

  4. Good weekend here too. I did my nails while watching a movie Must be wanting spring, so I did pink sparkly after a couple of months of a champagne color that wears well at work. I don't think the pink will but that's ok cuz I will probably be tired of it by next week...

  5. Some of these new point n shoot cameras are better then some of the older DSLR's and lots handier. They are now at 12MP and good optics, I carry one most of the time just for that reason. Hey a Psycho motel.... is it the Bates Court.... hehe

    No I don't do nails.... hah

  6. Good evening Twin!! I hope this has been a good day for you and the Lady. Saying a prayer that she will keep eating without the pill now.

  7. Never mind Sis! I'm glad you were enjoy with your friends the photos are plenty of time in future.
    hope Miss cats doing alright...


  8. Re: the camera -- have you thought of buying a small point and shoot, something to slip into your purse, for those times you don't want to take your gear? I'm contemplating that....Would be so much easier to carry to and from work, given I don't have a car. My dad has his DSLR and all his lenses, but when he and his wife go for walks, or whathaveyou, he just takes his little pocket-sized Canon. Image quality is great and whether you use a p&s or a DSLR, the principles of photography are the same.

    Purrs for the Admiral, that her appetite remains even off the stimulants.

  9. I know for me I can directly relate my lack of pictures for a lack of will to capture what's out there...when the mood suits there's always something...that's for sure. I'm hoping that our coming trip to Chicago will liven up my lens a bit and bring some inspiration though it may take some doing being in the windy city in February! We also hope to visit the Mall of America...I don't think that will be a place that I'd be camera happy but still I'll be happy about that, I've never even been in there! Have a great day Carole!

  10. I just don't have the desire to go out and look for photo opps. It's just too cold. The only adventurous thing I've done is make some blueberry muffins. I once baked a loaf of bread. A scali to be exact. It looked great but completely in edible. I still have it just in case I need to hammer something.