Friday, March 25, 2011

Back Again

Well, the Admiral dodged a bullet...maybe.  IF she can get that medicine into her, she'll be OK.  But so far, it's a no go.  But I whined about that in Word not here this time.

Beautiful day part of the day.  Enough for me to get my pillows outside.  But then, colder and rain.  The tornadoes spinning everywhere around me night before last was a start to Spring for us here in TN.  We just had a watch here but the tornadoes were about 30-40 miles away.

The picture is what I did with the money I earned while working part time in that jewelry store I used to write about on MSN Spaces blog.  It's a diamond (princess cut) ring, white gold and 4 small perfect sapphires.  That's my birthstone and my Twin Beth Marie's as well.  We are September babies.  :-)  Thought I'd show you how I spent my money.

I've been around to some of you and will head around to more.  See you soon.


Loach..thank you.  (Very much for the wishes for the feline).


  1. It is nice to know you are happy mum and I'm too.
    I remember that you used to works at Jewelry store thought a shame because you has pain in your back and end up you needed to stopped work.
    But you have a good memories from all you bought
    a beautiful Jeweled:-)
    Enjoy your weekend,

  2. The ring is very beautiful!!

    I hope things begin to turn in the right direction soon.


  3. Hope all goes well for you, and Admiral. and she takes her medicine, and it helps her to feel better, which will in turn make you feel better Carole.
    Your ring is very pretty. :)
    It is still very cold here. - 11 tonight, and just above 0 during the day. It is suppose to warm up a bit next week, but still not double digits. We are below average for this time of year, and they say we will have a cool Spring. Nothing like your hot days. Enjoy them, and stay safe from those tornadoes.
    Have a nice weekend , Carole
    xoxo Dianne :)

  4. Had problems with my big grey some years ago after a near fatal accident. He would not take his medicine. So I got a turkey baster and some baby food. i would load up the baster with the meds and squirt it in his mouth. He would squirm and wiggle and some of the food would dribble out but some he would have to eat because it was in his throat. it was not pretty but it was that or his demise and I wanted him to hang around a few more years. In the morning I force fed him and again that evening. He would spend the night in his kennel so he did not roam at night. it was about 4 days but one morning all the food I put in the kennel for him was gone and after that he began eating again.

    He lived a few more years to about age 19. i would do it again, animals just do not grasp some things and i believe sleeping in the kennel calmed him down. At first he meowed big time and I had to ignore it but it all worked out.

  5. Gorgeous ring, Carole!

    The med...It's liquid? I can't remember. Annie struggled mightily, trying to syringe her, but I never thought I could pill her. (Three vets had tried with no luck.) However, the last couple of days she was still here, I *was* able to get pills into her by using the pill pockets -- I broke them in half and molded them around the pill, popped them down her throat. So I'm not sure if that's an option for you.

    Poor Admiral. We do put our "babies" through a lot for their own good, only it's so hard because they don't understand. And sometimes (I don't mean in your case at all) we cross the line, IMO, and put our babies through extreme measures for our own sakes, not their Highest Good (I mean in dire situations).


  6. The ring is beautiful!! Sapphires and Amethysts are my Mom's favorites, but she doesn't get either one as her birthsone.
    I do hope and purr the Admiral will take her medicine. Might putting it in baby food and giving it to her before her wet food work?
    Our human brother said there was a tornado near them, south of Maryville. We are glad it passed them by, because 3 years ago a storm brought a tree down on their house.

  7. It's been pretty quiet without you Carole. I seldom visit WordPress because quite frankly I despise it...though at the rate people have fallen from blogging maybe I should take it up! That's a very nice ring! I have a terrible leather necklace fetish and like the rustic look. I found a really great store in the Mall of America that I follow on-line now...expensive but really great and unique stuff. It's great to hear from you again, hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Beautiful ring. We used to have to give one of our dogs a pill. It was difficult, but we pushed it way down as far as we could and held his mouth shut til he swallowed. Doesn't sound nice, but it was for his own good. Gosh, I forgot I had wordpress it's been so long.