Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't Ask

Don't ask how it's going around here and I won't's that?

Anyway, it's like 48 maybe going to get to 52 or something like that and it's totally overcast.  Better than snow.

My youngest is now back in his home from over the mountains.  I wish I could have gone. But then, I have said that already.

Got the house cleaned up and I've been out for a few necessities.  I did have a wonderful day and evening yesterday as I blogged about.

I got through the Sunday paper..haven't read much else.  I have a book lent to me by a sweet friend In WI called "Homer the Blind Cat" and it is about exactly what the title says.  One of the most heartwarming and endearing of non-fiction stories.   Maybe one of the boys would like to read it when I'm finished.

I got a stained glass-- genuine stained glass head done of Miss Catt aka The Admiral.  It's a beauty and worth every dollar.  It's a sun catcher I guess you could call it as I have it in the front room large window.  I took this at 7 something this morning and no sun, so this doesn't show the gorgeous color.  I'll try again when the sun is out.  I was just anxious to show you.


  1. Warmer by you than here. A custom stained glass window orny of the Admiral. How cool is that.

  2. Far warmer than us too, as we're still in the 20s F. LOL.

    That sun catcher is just lovely!

  3. It has warmed up to 39 here right now and the sun is shining brightly so that is a plus.
    By saying "Don't ask" you answered my question. I hope tomorrow is better.
    The sun catcher is beautiful!

  4. Hi Carole, that is an awesome sun catcher. To us here in Edmonton, the temp you have there is like summer. Have yourself a wonderful Sunday.

  5. I love the Tulip poplar blossoms pictures on head of your space.
    Alright I don't ask question Sis! BUT I can read your mind...The Sun Catcher is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. That cat head is adorable! WHERE did you get it???

    I need one




  7. Very nice stained glass you've got there! Our weather isn't that great either but I hope to see it improve before the week hits the mid-point...I know man of faith here! LOL!