Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Grief, what a week.

I wouldn't be surprised if everyone just upped and left me by myself. I haven't been too good a blogger here.

The fur baby is very ill. I'll go into details another time. I just hate to write them out right now. The Vet doesn't know what the matter is again so he posted her case onto a doctor's only site where they have to pay to subscribe and the panel that sees the doctors questions are experts. He can't see why the cat won't eat unless she has those pills. He can't see what it is because her x-rays and blood tests are excellent. But something is badly wrong. Hoping to hear something on Monday.

In other news, I am trying on a new wireless keyboard that goes with my brand spanking new iMac. I am desperately learning how to get from here to there. All new and different to me. It's good for me though.

Other than one huge bruise- I am all healed up..from my confrontation with a tough talking tough walking concrete curb a week or so ago.

Not sure yet how to post pics. Trial and error. Heck. Not sure how to get them onto the HD, but I'll learn. :-) I DOOD it! That is the Cumberland Mountains here in TN. Please, have a good Sunday and a sunny one.



  1. The photos has beautiful view Sis!
    It take a little while to get used to your new computer.
    Please to hear your bruise are healed up.
    But I do not happy with Miss Cats...

  2. Learning a new computer is always a challenge, but we're sure you'll love it once you get accustomed.

    Healing thoughts and prayers for the girl!


  3. Big purrs for the Kitty Girl... from MomKat Trish!

  4. Love to you and Miss Catt!
    I love the mountain photo. Just beautiful!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about Miss Katt's trouble Carole, I know that's a terrible burden and can well understand you not posting right now because of that alone. We were looking at iMacs and Macbooks the other day...our tax returns may make that possible. We are in need because our laptop gave it up a while back and we're sick of that you know? Prayers to you and the Furry Miss Carole, bless you.

  6. plum blossoms....hum... we will be in the freezer until middle of may.... then see some blossoms or no fruit.

    hope something can be figured out about the fur ball

  7. Glad you are healing and I hope the vet can figure it out for Ms Catt. Hey you did it and got a beautiful photo up. Hugs

  8. Carole,I am sorry that Miss Cat has not been well, and hope and pray the Drs. can figure it out. Glad to hear you are on the mend.
    Congrats on the new computer!
    I just got mine back a week ago. Luckily I had all my pic's backed up as they had to use my recovery discs and wipe out everything on my harddrive and start over, including a new motherboard. Anyway she is up and running.
    You take care and have a Blessed Sunday.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  9. Carole, you know I'm sending all my love and Light to you and the Admiral. And you know I understand the stress and worry. I wish I could offer suggestions, but I still question what went wrong with Annie, given that her blood work was fine too, except for the UTI. So no easy answers for either of us, I guess. I wish there were!



  10. I hope the furry one is better soon. Pictures like yours of Cumberland make my heart exclaim, "Home!" No one should wish their lives away. But I am really looking forward to retirement in the mountains of eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, or southwestern Virginia. :)

  11. I sure pray for the vet to find Miss Catt's problem. She is such a gorgeous member of the feline family.
    Ah the learning of new equipment. Such fun huh?

  12. Oh Carole I pray they find out what's wrong with Ms Catt soon. I know how you love her and want her to feel normal again.
    Love your photo here of those beautiful mountains! If hubby were to get a job in that area I would be first to start packing. lol My heart has always been in Middle/East Tn.

  13. We do hope the VET can come up with an answer about the Admiral.

    Regarding your photos: when we lost the picture part on our iMac late last year, we were able to connect a cable (firewire) to the iMac from our laptop and transfer over files to the new hard drive in "target disk mode". From there, we imported the photos into the iPhoto starting from the iPhoto program (under File menu).
    When I want to use a picture from iPhoto on a blog post, I export that picture to the desktop from iPhoto (highlight it and choose export from the File Menu) and choose to make it a jpg file, and select to make it no larger than 1000 pixels. Then when composing the blog post, I upload that picture from the desktop.
    Hope that makes a little sense.
    Simba's Mom

  14. So sorry to hear about this. My first 'adult' cat had lots of health issues and it is a worry. We will have you in our thoughts. And Her, of course.

  15. Oh dear I know how worried you must be, I am too. I sure hope that the vet can figure out what her problem is. Poor little thing! Will keep her and you in my thoughts and prayers. Big hugs gf!

  16. Its heart breaking when our little ones are not well. Caorle I sure hope she is doing better again. I dont know a better Mom than you are or more dedicated. I Know she has the best of care. I love my wireless keyboard and mouse . You will too and never go back Im certian. So happy to hear of your new investment and sorry the sidewalk attacted you.
    Heal and rest when you can. Your a busy lady.

  17. I'm so sorry to hear about your baby. Sure hope the vet figures out something. Glad you're healing well. I love that photo! It's one of those you just want to get lost in.