Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lived again for another day

Well, just a couple of bruises and a few scrapes and I'm still good to go.  Some physical conditioning does pay off. I'm just a little sore from unexpected muscle stretch in the abdomen but too..that same abdomen took a great deal of the blow when I tripped.

 Anyhoo, it's raining..started during the night day before yesterday, expecting it to end tonight after 2 two days and nights of rain..then come back again for the weekend.  Better than snow.

I have been very busy this morning and going to continue that way for awhile.  The cat has retired to her cube..the soft padded one rather than the airy mesh one.  That kind of a day,  and even she knows that.

Since she got me up super early- the house is spic and span,  and I am getting set to assume my other words, put on my make-up. Then, out into the rainy day. OH!  Want to see one of the only 3 picture I took before me and the curb tangled and I lost?  I'll go get it for ya.  ♥


  1. Glad your fall wasn't any worse. We had rain yesterday. Shooed it your way. :) Today looks like it could rain, so far not. It is definitely cooler..30's instead of 50's. That I don't much care for.
    I like your picture. It's the type of thing that catches my eye, but I rarely think of taking a picture. I'm the type photographer that can carry a camera across country and never take a picture. :)

  2. I love that picture. What wonderful sights you have in your area.
    It snowflurried here all yesterday but didn't stick on the ground. The sun is shining brightly here today and the temp is 28.
    I am glad you are feeling better.

  3. I am glad you're doing OK.Been getting good rain here too, so far just cloudy and cold.Nice photo.

  4. Good morning Sis! you must be feeling okay?
    but needed to be carefully in the wet weather.
    The photo is very unusual building and It must be very high building?
    Enjoy your day.
    xoxoxo to Sis & Miyuki & Miss Cat & Victoria.

  5. I do like that shot!

    Please, I beg you, do not mention s-n-o-w. It's a four-letter word, a dirty word, a very, very, very bad word.

    After our god-knows-how-many millimeters of rain yesterday and last night, it turned to freezing rain when I was getting up at 4AM, then snow. I've had to shovel several inches of heavy, wet @%&*! s-n-ow from the driveway and the walkway along the side of my unit. 15- 20 cm more predicted for Thursday. So help me, it had better pass us by! ARRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    Uh, sorry. Oops. Got carried away!

  6. I agree Carole, I'd rather have rain any day than a return to the 'white stuff' (shh... It may be listening in) and I tend to say I'm putting 'on my face' when I'm 'dolling up' to go out...Mind you, makes it sound like I go about blank faced normally...(probably the best description all round methinks!!)...and I do so love that Photo, very Gothic looking...I bet there's a history to it. ... Off I dash before my PC chair is sold off again...all the best from me and Bess the Bold!!....xx

  7. It appears your rain will become our rain later tonight into tomorrow. Hopefully that will get rid of the last remnents of snow but you never know. it's still March and it has happened before. It's been a while since I have taken any photos. You have to tell us, what is that structure?

  8. @ BostonBoy That is a cupola on an old building in Knoxville. I spun out a story about it which was sheer conjecture. It's the top of what is now a local market but it IS old as we can see in very much in disrepair.

  9. Love the photo. Glad to hear you are doing better.

  10. We got some new snow today...sigh, I had hoped we wouldn't have any that stayed with us but it got cool enough for this to last over night I expect. I'm quite happy to be able to put up pictures on my blog from our trip to Chicago for awhile. Until it behaves itself outside or I run out of pics from the trip I have no intention of getting any new ones out there...I have quite enouhg pictures filled with white!

  11. Nice picture. We had rain here yesterday early morning but it didn't last all day.

  12. I hope you having a rest today and Miss Cat has her breakfast this morning?
    Take care,
    Sis & Miss cat & Miyuki & Victoria.

  13. Are you okay? I hope the sore will go away soon.
    We also had rain yesterday. It was rainy and cloudy all weekend. But definitely much better than snow!!