Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Monday

Here I am, hanging close to get a phone call from the Vet.  By now I would say it will come after hours today IF at all.  he may not have heard from them.

But, me'n'her are having another good day.  For whatever blessed reason, she has eaten a LOT all weekend long, all on her own.  Three good meals and lots of snacks.  I don't know if that will continue..I can just be grateful for what she has right now.  :-)

My daffodils and hyacinths are up and blooming well.  The tulips are next.  They have color but are still tightly furled.  The Dogwood blossoms are formed but still in their infancy.  The roses  all have their beautiful red foliage now, soon to turn green.  I love fresh newborn rose foliage.

I'm already looking forward to having a new 'Mater plant out there on the deck.  Remember that guy last year while we were in Spaces and every time the plant made new baby tomatoes or finished growing to size..I was taking their pictures as if they were movie stars!!  I was so proud and boy, were they good.

Here is the heart of a Magnolia from last year.  Magnolias will not be forming and blooming for several months yet.  A few days ago, I posted a picture of a Tulip Poplar..t'weren't a magnolia.


  1. I am so pleased Carole, about Miss Cat's eating that I'm jiggling in about on my cushions (Her Maj has sold my Computer chair on eBay via her account under Bess The Bold, as she's saving for an Electric Stair Chair. Thus enabling her to get up and downstairs without waiting for my assistance.. ;-) ... That's the story so far!! ...
    I know what you mean about just being grateful and not questioning why she's eating, you're just glad she is eating something. {{hugs}} to you both.
    Good to see some blooming flowers for a change, and that Magnolia heart looks so gorgeous I could eat it...(sort of!!) ... I'm off now, reaching up to use the keyboards from these cushions is such a strain on the backside and arms!! ;-) Hmff!!
    Lotsa love to you both, Pen and her Maj.xx

  2. I am so glad you are both having a good day and hoping that you will get good news from the vet.
    Just reading about your flowers sprouting sounds like spring. Not much here yet. I think your photos are beautiful and just as good (or better) than others. ;-) I am reminded now to go to flickr as I haven't been there in a while.

  3. Oh, I thought it was a magnolia! Maybe all this time I've been thinking those trees are magnolias...We have them here, very short-lived blossoms. But when I do a Google image search I get them, what I think are magnolias....Hmm, further research on my end is warranted!

    Fingers crossed for the vet's report, when you finally hear from.

    Hey, our first full day of Spring brought snow, which still is in our back space (faces north). Yay for us.

  4. P.S. 6.5 D, Carole -- my entire adult life. LOL. Duck feet for certain! But better than no feet at all. :-)

  5. I'm so glad to hear you are both having a good day. I pray it keeps up. Hating waiting for doctor calls no matter which type of doctor it is.
    Just the thought of fresh home grown tomatoes makes my mouth water.

  6. I continue to pray for the good news from your vet. Sounds like you will have all the flowers blooming soon. I love tulips. They are so colorful and cheerful. The photo of Magnolia is so beautiful.

  7. Ain't nothin like a garden fresh mater so they might as well be movie stars. First signs of spring are just beginning to show here. I can't wait for sleeping with the windows open!

  8. Wonderful nesw about Miss Catt. As I just told Beth, Spring lasted two days and now it's snowing. It's not really that unusual but I just hate being teased.

  9. You have no idea that I was so please to hear this wonderful news Sis!
    But when I read about your flowers in the garden
    just little bit sadness for the weather is opposites to ours?
    First time in mylife that the last six years I felt a bit not happy situation for the weather and the garden wise, because I can't talks about same things?

    By the way Did you seen a beautiful full moon in the sunday night?

  10. Hey Carole, I just read up on the Tulip tree, they are in the Magnolia tree family. They are beautiful as are the Magnolia tree blossoms.

  11. Happy that LB is doing ok. Love Love your petals. Outstanding.
    Hugs and
    PS . All babies are doing well. Tell LB she is an Auntie. oh and Sadie is doing just fine too so far so good.