Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Computer Day :-)

The new computer arrived yesterday afternoon. Standard ground shipping and it only took 2 days. I have it unboxed, set up, running occasionally and in the living room until Neil gets here to help transport over my mail files etc to the MAC via some software that will need to be uploaded. Then, the learning curve really starts.

I tried to upload a picture but the program that usually enables us to do that, failed.
I came back an hour later and here it is. This is exactly like mine.


  1. It was a learning curve for my Dad to go Mac after using all PCs at work, but it really is more intuitive than a PC in many ways and really worth it. Occasionally Mom has to tell him how to do a thing on the Mac, but he learns fast. Mom can't stand PCs, especially the way each new version of Windows, or Excel etc is so very very different from the previous one.

    We cam over from the link on Kea's blog.

  2. I like, very nice. Does the boss approve yet?

  3. It does look very smart that I like it:-)
    You can watch the movies?
    I'll come over this weekend,I have request for you
    that I would like to have the dinner for Roasted Chicken W/Sweet potatoes:-)

  4. Even when we just upgraded from one Mac to another, we found it very helpful to have the Apple Store people help to transfer files and set up the new laptop. Mom signed up for the $100 worth of lessons etc, but didn't use that so much. But the Geniuses were the biggest help re the files and I don't think we actually had to have paid the $100 to get that help. Do you have an Apple Store near you?

    But it sure looks lovely!!!

  5. Hooray!! It is looking good!!


  6. That my friend looks like a lot of fun! Enjoy it!

  7. Well, if we don't hear from you for a while, we'll know that your "learning curve crashed you into a wall!"

  8. Wow, that didn't take long. Have fun.

  9. I looks so nice. Now to learn all the 'bells and whistles'. Enjoy Carole, I know you will.

  10. Looks good! Have fun learning.