Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New pictures

I seem to keep changing my pictures around up there.  This is one I took last Summer.  See the bee? He's enjoying the magnolia scent and nectar.

Miserable chilly and rainy again as it will be for the rest of the week and has been every day but Monday I believe it was.  I've done my duty on the treadmill and thrown the weights around.  The cat has been eating great these past several days and that certainly makes me feel better for her health sake.

I need to go get some potting soil as I want to get some giant sunflower seeds germinating while I think of a place where the man who mows the yard will not kill them.  He's the one who ran over the daffodils while they were still green and had not finished their "shut down" for the season.  All but 2 did come back though, including the pink ones.

Anyone watch DWTS?  I caught this week's episode.  Nothing to write home about.  Kirstie Alley will probably make it to mid season.

See you I get blogger to work that is.  I like to never have been able to make comments on this blog  The Admiral had no problems on hers, but I did.  Par for the course.  :-)


  1. I absolutely love your flower photos. They are gorgeous. This is one of my favorites.
    I am so happy for you both that your lady is eating!!

  2. I love the photo of your header. It's so beautiful! The tone of flower is so soft and warm, and the image of bee is very sharp. It's just amazing!
    I am glad Admiral san is eating well :-)

  3. Lovely to watched the bee's enjoyed the Magnolia scent and nectar,but if is the fly then it wasn't good seen...
    I really enjoy to read your post Sis,
    Have a peaceful time with Miss Cats.
    xoxox Sis, & Miyuki & Victoria.

  4. Very good shot Carole! Hey I think that's my Aunt Bee!

  5. I love ths shot . Stunning.

    Thanks for stopping. Im healing from the inside out. I cant yet ride in a car without being scared and I havent driven yet. My car is not coming home and it was only four years old.
    So Im still have aftershocks Carole . Thanks for your Prayers .Thank you.
    I cant believe I got away with as little injurys as I did.
    xox My Heart Sister.

  6. Wonderful picture. Can't wait to see my roses start to bloom. Hope you find the right spot to keep the mower man away. Jeesh, you would think someone could tell the difference between grass and flower plants.

  7. Hi Carole and Miss Catt, that Bee looks to Bee in heaven...(Ok, too much?)
    I've just planed some Winter flowering Pansies in my hanging baskets as they'll last 'til I can plant some summer flowers...and give me loads of colour, cheering colour, smiling colour, although Bess Sniffs and wonders why I'm not playing with her instead, 'cos you can't eat the darn things,. (although she's tried plenty of times)
    I talked her out of posting your chair ont' eBay, I warned her you'd hot foot over and give her what for...So she's apologised and is now sulking outside. She had four buyers interested you know? Shame really.!! ;-)
    xPen and her Majxx

  8. I love the header photo.The magnolia has a velvet look and the bee with his out stretched wings, just so sweet.
    So glad Miss Catt is eating.