Thursday, March 31, 2011

Old Ladies

Old ladies come in cat style too. I have an old lady cat, as pretty as she is. I had an electrician in this morning who took the dedicated 20 amp receptacle for the treadmill in the living room and put it in the computer room so I could free up valuable space at last in the living room. So, the treadmill was rolled into here. After the cat came out from under the bed, the man had gone of course and the first thing she did was express her dislike of the treadmill being in HERE! Then, she went into the living room and it was all over but the shouting. The plants are in there..not in here. The treadmill isn't there and--- all is NOT right in her world. She is so torqued off she went under the bed and hasn't been out except for that short trip at all since 0830. Oh well. She WAS eating well but now..she's torqued. So, I will see how she can cope.


  1. And she is obeyed. Man she is hacked at tbe changes. She wants the treadmill in where it was and right now! Both she and I are sorry everyone has to see tbe ugly brown canvas cover on the couch that is there against her fur shedding.

  2. Oh, poor Miss Catt! You just had to go and interrupt her routine. Us old ladies don't like our routine interrupted dontcha know?? :-)


  3. Ah, the diva.

    I suggest pouring yourself a drink and ignoring her "snit." :-D

  4. Too bad humans don't like being under the could both have some quality time under there, hahameow. We hopes Miss Catt realizes there is more lounging room her living room now and comes out soon...

  5. We all know lady kitties of a certain age do not like changes!
    Funny how that is, isn't it?


  6. Your living room looks nice, and bright, and comfy Carole. I am sure in time she will adjust.
    Hope you both have a nice weekend.
    xx's Dianne :)

  7. Obey your thirst...isn't that a Sprite commercial slogan? Well, I'd say you disobeyed a far more important law: obey the cat. Well, what can you do now but weather the storm?

  8. Do you think she'll retaliate?
    Hell ahs no wrath like a kitty scorned. Or something like that.

  9. Hope she will get used to that? I thought only the human noticed it.I was surprised to Miss catt shows an attitude? Well she is not 100% well?
    Please understand Sis:-)
    enjoy your weekend with her,

  10. Oh dear! Change is a bother to to many and Royal Ladies definitely are adverse to such. Hopefully she will learn to like it.

  11. Ahhhh,,, So here is where I come to get the real story .... lol
    Da Mom ~ aka Angel ;~)