Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Once you go MAC...

You never go back. Last evening I went on-line and with the advice of my MAC owning Software Engineer son, we choose the MAC for me. It should be here Thursday. He will come by Saturday to help me get it started up well. It WILL be a learning curve for me as it has been awhile.

We all of us except the oldest have always been MAC people. I had to go to the dark side because of work. I didn't have any idea how to operate a PC but I was forced to learn and finally I took the easy way put and went over the fence. However. after learning a BOT got into my machine despite my security, I am well and over it. Tired of it and I don't want to have to worry constantly about virus and etc. With my MAC I won't have to worry. It's a iMac by the way. They are so slender and compact as a desktop that I don't insist on a laptop any more..except for the cat, She will be my lap top.

I will re-format this most excellent and still powerful PC and try to sell it.

I have been on the treadmill, did the weights and now, I need to get out of the house.



  1. It's always exciting to get something new. Happy for you.

  2. I truly hope you enjoy it Carole. I've been slow to do that because of the prohibitive cost and the compatibility issues that are there for programs that I love and that Lovely needs for her work. I don't know if I'll ever take the plunge but it's best to never say never. Have a great day!

  3. Good Morning Twin! I have never used a Mac but I have heard nothing but good things about them. You are very lucky that you have a son to help you get things set up.


  4. Here I thought I was going to get a new recipe for mac n cheese. Instead I get bits n pieces of apples. harumph....

  5. A good news Sis! that you and Admiral are fine:-)
    And you have new computer iMac here on now you don't need worry about virus.
    Miss cats keep you company always she is a sweet
    it'is very handy to have our son's in the computer business:-)
    Rain day in here for next three days although
    more rains up Q.L.D.

    Have a nice day.
    Sis & Miss cats & Miyuki & Victoria.

  6. I am laughing still of John's comment!

  7. Danielle will be so jealous. She is so wanting a an iMac. You'll have to be sure to 'rub it in' when you get it. lol

  8. I keep thinking about getting a Mac. It took me so long to learn how to use a PC. The idea of re-learning how to use a new machine is intimidating to me.

  9. I've heard good things about Macs (especially dealing with graphics) and not so good but PCs were once my bread and butter and I understand them inside and out so I'm sticking with my new Toshiba. Hope you love that new iMac.

  10. I hope you enjoy your new Mac. Have fun.

  11. Am I wrong, but isn't there a wee bit of snobbery with Mac users? Nothing really overt, just subtle kind of like Merceds-Benz drivers.

  12. I bet you're excitedly waiting now for Thursday to arrive...Happy 'toxic' free surfing, Carole.
    I'm gonna have to win the lottery before my dreams of safe surfing come to pass, mind you I think her Maj has some ideas for pressies for herself too...(an electric stair chair for starters!!) At the moment she stands at the bottom of the stairs and 'woofs' for her servant to carry her up or down (whichever is appropriate) Sheesh!! xx