Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Redneck Room

.Paul from the blog family made a great photo of the Admiral sailing the ocean blue.  I am using that for the Admiral's blog today.  Correction, she is using that picture today.

The Redneck room will be open today but I will go out in search of pictures instead. I found another color of my daffodils opened up a few days ago so I got those on the camera yesterday.  I headed to the arboretum to see about theirs, but they are still closed. Guess my travel will have to be somewhat curtailed because of the gas prices.  $3.59 yesterday.

I found actual sunflower seeds yesterday.  I had asked my boy to send me some from his bird feeder as Toodie suggested but I just happened to find some in the store yesterday. A dollar a pack.  Good grief. I'll get them started soon.  I have peat pots and then, find a good place to put them outside.

Other'n that, nothing to say and that sure wasn't much. ♥


  1. It was a fun photo of the Admiral at sea. :-)

    Daffodils in bloom...sigh. If only Canada were more southerly. LOL.

  2. Gas was 3.38 here :(. The Admiral looks good in her captain hat! Too cute.

  3. I can't wait to see blooms here. The Admiral looks right at home up there.

  4. Is this a test voyage in preparation for the adoption ceremony?

  5. You have a good rest(sleeping morning)Sis.
    I had called from her to said coming to Australia.
    I hope the weather hold until she arrived safety
    in here:-)

  6. Admiral sailing the ocean? Oh I have to go check now!!

  7. I've been really discouraged with the gas prices as we've headed home...just awful and if that isn't bad enough it's so cold that it would freeze anyone's skin that's pictures for me. I'm hoping as we pull in to home at last it will at least be above freezing...this is ridiculous!

  8. I am feeling the pinch on the gas prices too. No fun! I loved the pic of the Admiral on her ship.


  9. I used to always grow sunflowers.
    I mixed the tall type and lower more decorative ones together. The only problem you will have is hight-over your head-and staking them from falling over with those big seed heads.

  10. I'm a day late again Carole. Hey thanks for the plugs. It was something that came to me suddenly. By the way the ship in the picture is a model on a stand. I know nothing when it comes to growing anything.
    I gassed up today, no not with martini's, and I paid $3.46. I have to go now and catch up with everybody else.