Saturday, March 19, 2011


It is another wonderful day.  Yesterday it got to 80.  Today, probably low 70's.  Yesterday was full sun and today is partly cloudy.  The point being that both are wonderful days and I am most grateful to have them.

I was out about 0700 this morning taking photos of some new daffodils that just bloomed.  My pink ones and some yellow of course.  I filled the bird holds five pounds of sunflower hearts and came back in to await one of my son's getting up and ready for breakfast,  I make it for him after he gets up.  Exception being coffee of course.  He got the usual, biscuits, bacon and eggs.  Black raspberry preserves though.  VERY nice change for the both of us.

I have some MAC tutorial videos.  Lots of them and I'm trying to take notes.  Slow going and old habit die a hard death.

I am glad Lisa is back to Canada now and I know she has to be rested and glowing.  It's always very noticeable when one of the blog family is missing, no matter the reason is a good one.

OH!  Later I will take a photo of this Mac set up here in my home.  The other one I put in here a week ago was my son's at his place of work.  I am amazed at the lack of necessary- for- the- PC peripherals.

The speakers that are in my iMac are superb.  No other speakers needed.  No hubs laying out in back to plug in stuff that I needed with the PC.  I had 8 ports then, all used!! No wires but one..and my external back up hard drive too..forgot about that.  That's IT!  This is fabulous to be free of all that wire mess.


  1. The photo is gorgeous!!! It was nice here today too, got up to 55 which is pretty decent for us.
    Breakfast sounds really good.


  2. I'm so there with black raspberry anything! The backdrop of wires has always irked me. Nice photo!

  3. Oh this photo is just stunning. I love it.
    and happy to hear you love your new computor.

  4. What a Beautiful capture Carole. Great shot! It is so pretty, I can't wait to see flowers again.
    You are a way ahead of us when it comes to warm weather. We did make it up to 50 degrees the other day, but back to around 0 today.
    Glad to hear you were out with your cammy. I hope to get out with mine one of these days soon. My shutter finger is starting to twitch. :)
    It is nice you have your son with you, and your breakfast sounds yummy!
    Congrats on your Mac.
    Have a Blessed Sunday my friend.
    xx's Dianne :)

  5. Hi, Ramblingon..I'm so glad you came by and visited today! Your comments were very funny.
    Good luck with the Mac--that's all we've ever had and we've been happy.
    Have a good weekend!

  6. It would be wonderful to be wireless too. The daffodil is very pretty. I've never seen a pink one, that I can recall.
    Our weather has been nice too and was partly cloudy part of the day today.

  7. The weather is good and iMac started works okey,
    and your daffodil is pretty,Miss Cats ate her foods that I felt good too.
    You have a good night sleep tonight.

  8. Oh the mess of wires with a pc is terrible. I figured all computers would need all those, nice to know they don't. Maybe someday we'll try an Imax when this one gives out.
    You take such nice photos of flowers. Mine never turns out as well as yours does.
    Have a good day gf.

  9. oh my goodness! The daffodil is beautiful! I can almost smell it :) Nothing like that here yet,although I saw some crocus by the shore.

  10. Good morning Sis! A good news from Admiral!
    enjoy your day with Victoria.
    xoxoxo to Miyuki & Miss Cat AND Victoria.