Sunday, March 13, 2011


I have had a good day (and so has she, really) with sun and warmth.  Our temperature reached 70.

For the first time in my memory I failed to turn the clocks forward last night and as a consequence I was 28 minutes late for church.  But I got there.  I only slowed down for the red light camera traffic signal.  I slept right up to my regular time and for pete sakes, while I would not go to bed NOW, it is almost 8PM and it feels like..what else, but 7PM.  I really hate the messing with the time.  Pick one and stay with it for pity sakes.

Still learning the Mac.  I will see if I can get another photo in here. I am not catching on well. But Abby if you see this, I will earmark your instructions.

Tomorrow may tell me some ideas about how the cat will be treated by her Dr.  I will have to wait and see,

I finally made it around to see some of you and I have three mire I am aiming to get to before the night is over.


  1. Oh how I long for 70 degree days. Hoping Miss Catt has a good day tomorrow to, and the day after that and the day after that etc. etc.

  2. I was excited that our temp reached 36F today.

    Good luck tomorrow, here's hoping for a concrete diagnosis!

  3. 70? I'm jealous. I sure hope you get the answers you need on Miss Catt and all can be taken care of.


  5. Wow your warm. I can not get warm. I have a fire going and in a wool sweather. I too slept thought the time change and finding it hard to adjust to coming home. Never thought that would happen. I have one happy girl who is sleeping so close to me at night I cant breath or make a move and my little shadow is following me. I sure missed Paris and she missed me. I dont think I better leave her that long again even with Amanda.
    Sadies going to have babies. Not sure when and I do hope to save them all . Shes in the Barn at night .
    Have a wonderful night my heart sister.

  6. 70 degrees, be still my beating heart. It is to warm to the upper 50s later this week. I am waiting impatiently for that.
    I hope that the diagnosis from the vet is hopeful.


  7. Me clock is strung up on an old white oak tree next to T Dooley, down Tenn. way.

  8. He looks a little tattered and worn down by winter. Perhaps he's enjoying the warm temps too. Have a great week.

  9. I wish they would just leave it on daylight savings time all year and call it good!

  10. I just get used to the time change and they do it again and I am sleepy- the days just fly by worse now! Myst has taken to standing in her water bowl while drinking!

  11. Well I remembered the time change but forgot to do some of the clocks. Sunday was just not my day..seems there are a lot of those lately.. Hoping they get down to what is causing her to be so sick.. Prayers always.. SIS..
    HUGS too!!

  12. Our daylight savings time is two week time and I don't like it because make short time of days.
    Hope Admiral get a good news from the VET tomorrow.

  13. Daylight saving time doesn't make a lot of sense to me. One time should suffice. If you want to work when there's more daylight...get up earlier.
    We were warm and sunny, too. Felt wonderful having windows open.
    Hope your girl is better.