Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday and trouble with BlogSpot

I have not been able to leave a comment on two blogs. Boston Boy--Blogzilla and Toodie's. It comes up with some oblique error notice.

Here I yam again. The temperature was 74 today and totally sunny! That sure makes up for the 50's yesterday and totally...cloudy! I went out to take pictures but only took one, and that was of a tulip poplar.

Tomorrow, it will be 77 degrees and full sun. Whew! I might go out there nekkid or something. Add more freckles to this paper white hide of mine. That's the bane of being or having been a natural red head. You're whiter than snow, blue blue eyes and freckles everywhere. So I'll look like a white spotted flounder or something out there. No one will even notice me.

Here are some Tulip Poplar blossoms IF I can find them, from this morning excursions.


  1. Oohhh, your magnolias are in bloom! Lovely! They're so short-lived, those wonderful blossoms, but glorious.

    And here I got all excited this afternoon to see some crocuses and snowdrops in a couple of sheltered areas.

  2. These are Tulip Poplars that have been called magnias but they aren't. ;-) I can't wait for the Magnolias in May. They are my favorite and I can't stop taking pics of them.

  3. Blogger has done something to my recipe space that is driving me wild. Bunch of extra space at the top.
    The photo is drop dead gorgeous when biggified.


  4. Beautiful Nolias. Hope you can get around now in blogland. Hugs to the Admiral.

  5. I haven't noticed our Tulip Poplars blooming yet. Your photo is beautiful! Enjoy the warmth and sunshine tomorrow. We're to have the same.

  6. Hey, you are back, where did you go? Great photo of the Magnolia tree blossems. Hows the Sea fareing kitty, good I hope. So what are Tulip Poplars, I have never heared of them.

  7. In here the Magnolia tree blossom and your spring time and ours an autumn are the same flowers
    I will look for Tulip Poplars, I guess somebody have them?
    Enjoy your weekend,

  8. Those are just beautiful. Gosh, it was bad enough when 'spaces' kept messing with our blogs. Hope 'blogspot' isn't going to start doing the same.

  9. So many times, when I click on 'comment', I get a message that the page cannot be displayed, very annoying.
    Lovely blossom.

  10. There's a Magnolia tree in the front yard but it's a tad early around here for them to bloom. I haven't had any problems with Blogger yet however, I posted some pictures on my little trip into Boston on St. Paddy's Day (my latest blog here) at the Pic Place on Windows Live and found that not much has changed besides the blogs going belly up. I had all kinds of trouble putting captions on several pictures. some things never change.

    I agree with Beth. That is a wonderful picture when bigified.

  11. We're a long way from the seventies here...sure glad you're getting them though. Do you suppose that there's an issue because of your Mac? Just wondering. Delightful pictures you got there! I crossed paths with a huge jack rabbit today...almost totally brown now...spring is heading our way once again!