Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday Rant on Thursday

I was, along with many other cars, going thru a bit of a trying time this morning whereupon someone in an old van was driving in the passing lane at 28 mph in a 45 mph zone. The man was doing that in the 35 mph zone too. When all of we unfortunates stuck behind him (could not pass- too many others trying to pass from the back up caused by Mr Slow) turned into my subdivision, that blazing speed went down to 14-15 mph. BUT I was stopping dead still at every intersection that is not posted with a stop sign as has happened on precious occasions, we all kept going @ 14-15 mph through the unposted intersections, That was good.

Moving on from that I will say that which I noticed yesterday and many times previous is:

The passing lane has become the "slow" lane and the "slow" lane seems out of necessity to have become the fast lane. To those two who have dropped away from my blog but may read this by happenstance and,who may wish to say "the cost of gas!!! or more, please be advised I am well aware of the cost of gas. Save the snarky remarks for yourself. :-) It's my blog.

This phenom of driving slowly, well below posted speed limits in the passing lane and passing (all you can or not) to at least get up to the speed limit in the "slow" lane seems to have become the unfortunate norm around this town. Weird. Makes a difference when you leave with enough time to get somewhere and then are stuck behind someone who decides to run the show and then, you're late. (can you guess that happened to me this morning? Indeedily doodily. :-)



  1. Oh, I so agree with you. Another thing that gets me is those who (though up to speed) use the passing lane for cruising along. I had to wait ten minutes to get out of my street onto the highway last night because traffice was cruising double in both north and south lanes. Sometimes it's easier to go one direction and turned around in a parking lot to get into the direction you want to go.

  2. Makes me glad I haven't had a car in ten years. Seriously.

  3. I feel your frustration gf. They cruise along like nobody's business when they surely can see in their rear view mirror that they are causing a traffic jam. Just go the darn speed limit already! Is that too much to ask lol. So Ya, been behind folks like that myself.
    You're globe is showing that I'm here and someone from Oak Ridge Tenn. Would that be you gf lol?

  4. I can agree about the speed thing, although I have been guilty of it myself at times. however, the whole passing lane thing? Where I live, the roads are so congested that the cars have to use it as a regular lane. So sad.

  5. Since I moved I am not driving on an interstate. I sure did notice the stupidity of some drivers when I had to drive on I 57 to go to the doctor or grocery shop.
    If anyone gets snarky twin, just refer them to me and I will take care of it!!

  6. Some slower driver was a nuisance espicially a white hair old people, don't get angry that why I have dyed color my hair:-)
    Why they don't have slower drive for TOO SLOWER fine for $150?
    I got speed fine ticket for exceed speed by less than 10KMH.
    Admiral's is lucky one that she never get speed fine ticket yet:-)

  7. Well slow driving isn't a problem around here save for the occasional cutip. Essentially it's everbody for themselves. A kind of vehicular war zone. A yellow light means speed up and beat the red light. We are well known for our aggressive drving. "Hey You! Get The %#*& Outta My Way!"

  8. Well, I'd say you hit a point we can all relate to in one degree or another. I don't like either style and prefer those that have the understanding of the road and those that are driving on it. I've seen a variety of styles on this trip we had and few of them appealed to me much...regardless it's good to be home!

  9. Oh, it can be frustrating to get behind someone driving well below the speed limit. Been there, done that. It usually seems like they aren't aware there's another car on the road.

  10. I'll be thinking about you this Sunday at Noon!
    Nope, not at church. That's when UK travels down to Knoxville to get their Annual Ass Kicking!
    I heard it said that UK is possibly changing the mascot from a Wildcat to an Oppossum....because they keep getting killed on the road!