Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The past two days have been absolute perfection.  Totally sunny and 80 degrees.  Today rain and severe storms are coming by noon.  Can't win them all. Yesterday was especially a fabulous day with most of it out with a friend.  I saw a glider rocker I want that is deeply cushioned even to the arm rests.  NO place to put it so I am trying to make decisions as to where it can go.  I will have to move the treadmill into to computer room.  Since it needs a dedicated outlet with the right amperage for itself, then that means a call to the electricians and that is major bucks these day.  :-(  I am having Comcast come out to install another outlet for the TV which will move to another part of the living room.  Then, the Great Furniture Move will begin.

I hope your day is a good one.  :-)


  1. Oh for and 80 degree day. High here to be 34 with some rain. Which we don't need. By the river you know. Love those rockers. Hope you can find a place without all the expense. Decisions, decisions.

  2. Yes, oh for an 80F day. Heck, oh for a 40F day. LOL.

    Gorgeous tulip...I can only dream.

    Don't even get me started on house reno/repair costs.

  3. It seems you pay for good weather days, with a few bad ones, so I hope the rain doesn't last for long. We've sunshine peeking out every now and again to say 'hi' and then clouds make it play hide and seek. Bess says she'd help with the Electrickery part of the move, but between you and me she'd charge over the odds 'cos she's still saving for her stair chair, AND I don't think she passed any Electrickery test, so better be safe than sorry 'cos she'd make a dogs dinner of it!! ... Right...have a great day, I'm trying to stop her selling off more of my furniture!! ;-) xPenx (and Her Maj)

  4. Someday it will be 80 degrees here. :-) It is sunny and 54 here right now so I am not complaining.
    The tulip is awesome! Great job.

  5. You would rub your great weather in! We're expecting snow tonight.

  6. I love glider-rockers! icky cold & snow expected here :(
    but you tulip brings hope!

  7. We still having after all wet weathers and still on BUT some days is fine day especially in my golf day:-)
    The tulip a beautiful Sis! Is that in your garden?
    I must visit you this weekend though it is so quiet that I didn't hear from Miyuki for a while.

  8. I was worried about you and the storms yesterday. I don't move furniture much like I had anymore. Spring fever? Hugs.