Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Happened?

My goodness..I'm SURE not complaining but where in the world did these two days come from? I have felt totally pain free (I have a chronic back problem) and full of so much get up and go, I got up and went yesterday and despite the heavy rain, I will do the same today. I just finished a longer time on the treadmill and did the weights but I could have stayed even longer..just bored and I would rather do more outside in my raincoat.

These sort of pain-free days for me, anyway, come very rarely. I am referring to days totally free of back pain. It's like winning the jackpot in a lottery. Like a fairy in my imagination came and tapped me with her wand and all the back pain just disappeared. The lack of that old "friend" back pain makes me feel like a kid. I act like one and my mind is like that so may as well feel like one too! :-) I will enjoy this as long as it lasts and be grateful for it. There is a job that requires a lot of up and downing on a step ladder that I have put off. This may be the day for it.

Sorry to just go on about it, it's just so remarkable to feel this good (no back pain is what mean).



  1. How nice to have that feeling. Back pain is the worse, affecting your whole being. I pray it stays away for a long time (forever would be nice).

  2. I am so glad you are pain free today. I hope it is catching as I would like one of those days. :-)
    I hope your back pain never comes back again.

  3. Being pain free is indeed golden! I don't walk around with constant pain but I have had my bouts especially in the last year or so. Our weather is finally entering the time when I can get out and walk again...I will start that tomorrow by God's's finally getting to look a bit more springlike. We rarely have endless rain so I intend to take it by force! Have a great day Carole!

  4. I'm so glad you back isn't hurting and I'm hoping the pain stays gone.

  5. Yes, painfree days are heaven on earth. Enjoy!

  6. wow great!
    I wonder if when you fell something clicked the right way!?
    I have been having an unusual thing this week also-I have energy & no depression! hooray for us!!

  7. I am soo happy for you! Have a great day!!!!!!

  8. A great news that I love to hear from everybody:-)
    strange enough I don't have either that after playing golf in the rains the course was very wet.
    I don't understand why is that?
    I guess if you don't bent your back then will be safe?
    mins does hurts when I works in the garden or I used the vacuum cleaning the carpet.

    You better remember Sis! Miyuki has check up ones in years and replace by new spare parts:-)
    We might need a good spare part for repair our back from made in Japan ha ha

    You have a good time today,