Friday, April 1, 2011

Um...why does that happen?

Went to the drugstore to pick up a prescription. What can I do to stop the Universe from always having 10 year old looking- newbie (self admitted) clerks when I go to pick up the prescription? I always draw the ones with the faint little girl voices that can barely be discerned..but worse, when I present my 20.00 annually paid for prescription card they disappear with it and go into some faintly made-out discussion about it to another newbie (place must not be able to keep anyone very long) and then they bring it back and hand it to me saying it doesn't do any good for me. Well, it has before when I've had a real grown up..usually a male, so one wonders-- why not now? However, just wondering why I always get the little waifs who seem too young to even be out of grade school and are always new? Must be my fate.

Anyway, my oldest will be here after work so that will be a treat for the Grouchy One who also lives here He is her favorite of all the sons. She gets many many smooches and loud ones too and lots of adoration.

Smoked pork chops tonight..some cheesy noodles, some few other things and let me look to see if any dessert is to be had.

I have to take my pillow out while it's still not raining and get a few other things done. Whatter you all doing? ♥


  1. You must be going to the same pharmacy I used to use. That's all in the past for me now. The VA sends my Rxs UPS now.

  2. ugh,where is the pharmacist?! Can they enter it in the computer or make a note of it on the PC(?)
    I am away for weekend to go to a robotics convention- nervous about leaving mom alone though :(

  3. I have a $20 per year prescription card through Walgreens. It is a big help on generic meds but no good on brand name meds, and yes, depending on the person I get in the pharmacy is whether or not I get helped. If they don't do it right I ask them nicely to fix it. ;-)
    I am glad you are having your son there tonight.

  4. I've been very fortunate in that I've not had to deal with prescriptions unless going abroad for the most part however when I have had to deal with it I know exactly what you're talking about. I hope your son's visit brightens the furry atmosphere around there...time for that to happen I think! Have a great Friday Carole!

  5. Yes, have an awesome Friday, Carole.

  6. One possible reason for the newbies is they work cheap. In fact that's probably the only reason. I work retail and I do see it very often. Payroll trumps everthing else.

  7. HAVE FUN SIS!! Hope MS CATT gets over her hissy fit and keeps on eating. HUGS

  8. Have a wonderful weekend with your oldest.

  9. I used one prescription for my Cholesterol medication.So far so good:-)
    Miyuki was very happy that you paid her cell phone bill:-)
    Enjoy your weekend with your family,

  10. Haven't had such trouble myself, (yet). Have a good weekend with the son and Her Grouchiness. Maybe he will improve her move.

  11. Just wait until one of the youngster ask to see your Medicare card.