Friday, May 13, 2011

The Great Blue Blogger Eater

Well, I came home late yesterday afternoon to blog and blogger was down till sometime today ate my Wednesday post besides not letting me make a Thursday one.  Everyone else is in or was in the same situation.  I have to wonder what was wroong that they took it down for so long?

I had a fabulous day yesterday. Traveled to see a friend and hung out there with her all day from mid morning till mid afternoon.  Took some pictures but aside from the ones I took of her cat, I deleted the rest (her pear tree is making pears) as they were not good. We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch..Oh my goodness ME!  Their food is so good.

 I had their Thursday special and though it was good to anyone else, this one dish did not appeal to me as it was in too strong a gravy which to ME..just to me, did not go with the turkey.   Everything else they have...Katy bar the door.  It's delicious.

Then, because we wanted to we shopped out there in their store area.  I got a gorgeous filmy white pin tucked blouse..tiny pearl buttons down the front.  OH it is so pretty.  I also got a sun hat that is not so darned heavy.  The one I bought last year..too too.

Oh, and I bought 2 pecan of which never made it here to the house.

We also (we're women after all) hit a few more stores and looked over everything.  She bought this time and I did not.  The hat and blouse were pricey enough.

The little Mrs. missed me I could see and I was provided the opportunity to make it up to her.  It was a hot HOT sweaty day with brilliant sun and blue skies with those puffy white clouds floating through.  Life is good.  OH and look what *I* have out on the porch!!!


  1. Blogger was a mean mother yesterday to everyone. I was able to restore my post with live writer.
    I recognize the tomato leaf, you lucky thing you.

    xoxo to you and the lady

  2. Blogger had a blooper yesterday.
    Someone messed up really bad when doing maintenance. But according to Blogspot they are supposed to restore all posts and comments.

    First time I remember this happening this severely.


  3. My blogger spot took 24 hurs to reopened.
    But I didn't get upset for that I don't know why
    maybe I get used for it?
    Only I thought a bit nuisans for that....

    I loved that how you spent all day with your friend. I go to my grand son's birthday party on his one years old.

    A good seen your tomatoes flower" Don't foget water's and a good foods".:-)

    Hi to Miss Cats,Miyuki,Victoria.

  4. Maters? You got maters on the way? We have to go visit Frankie's cousin and check out his garden to see what to make room in the pantry for. He has no more clue as to how to garden for one than I have when it comes to cooking for two.
    "Frankie I made _______. Better call the high school and find out how much they can use."

  5. "Ramblington" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  6. I see some-one is going to have Tomatoes :~)
    I too use Window Live Writer, as long as you Save your work all you have to do is re-publish it. Plus there are other features that are Better, Fonts, Watermarking your photos ect.
    Anywho ,,,,, You & the Mrs. have a Great weekend ~

  7. Tomatoes already? My Dad will be very envious.

  8. I am fairly new to Blogger. Here's hoping that blogger doesn't go down too often. I know that there's a lot of women on Blogger who always have something to say and need somewhere to let it out! Bwahahaha!
    Sounds like you had a successful day... a great visit with a friends, good lunch and a shopping trip! A full day for a woman. :)