Saturday, May 14, 2011


You know, if you are a business man (woman) and you enter people's homes to do a service, and...more importantly if you have outdoor or indoor outdoor pets, for PETE SAKES!! Get them flea control! If there is not flea control, you, the business person will have fleas on you and you will oftentimes bring them into a flea free home and infest a flea free pet and their home.

Needless to say this is what has happened yet again. This is the sixth time I have had fleas infest the house and cat and I KNOW who brought them was the electrician I so like and who is so reasonable. The last time it was the carpenter. Both live in the boonies. I have seen both places of residence. Heavily wooded, weeded and full of pets and fleas. Thanks, guys.

Have my cat always prepared with flea meds did I hear you say? What if she gets sickened by the flea drops as she did the last time for sure? What if I have to call poison control because I, in handling her however carefully also had a reaction to the flea drops? I only petted her away from where they were applied and I had tingling mouth and tongue. Scared me to death and now..I have to go through it again. I can't even give her the drops..I have to wait and make a visit to the Vet..she has to go anyway to be weighed and have her blood tests to see how she's doing. Why can't *I* give them? because she runs and hides for days as she can smell them as I approach and they make her sick. Like any sensible person, she flees the flea med.

OK. Done. Grrrr.


  1. How frustratingly difficult that both you and Admiral are sensitive to the flea drops. Wonder if the last infestation you had allowed some mamma fleas to lay eggs, that have been dormant and which are now hatching from somewhere Admiral lies (like UTB). Hope clearing it up is not too difficult.

  2. Oh that would make me mad too. Honestly, your customers are your life. Use common sense. You can live in the boonies and still be flea free in your home. Hope she doesn't get sick from all this. You either. Those guys need a Gibbs slap. lol

  3. I like what Terry said, Those guys need a head slap. Seriously, this shouldn't have happened and I am sorry you both are having to deal with it.

  4. Oh man, this one touches too close to home! Sam had a bad reaction to the drops and couldn't even wear a flea collar so we fought fleas from mid spring until the killing frost each year. Buddy isn't bothered and the collar does a good job controlling fleas, thank God!

    Both dogs picked up fleas as well as mange mites courtesy of the neighbors' free roaming herds of cats. At one point last summer there were nearly 50 cats roaming loose thanks to two neighbors refusing to get their animals fixed!

    Our vet is very reasonable and a $5 injection takes care of the mange infestation.....after we treat the yard and do a top to bottom cleaning of the entire house. As a matter of fact, Buddy got his shot last week after he scratched both ears until they were raw and bloody.

  5. Maybe you need to ask workers to dress in a haz-mat suit (is that what it's called?) before entering your house. :-)

    Well...It would work! LOL.


  6. Poor baby and you, not again. This is what happened to Kassey in the past. She never goes out except to the VET and still I wonder if she got them there.
    I hope for the best for her and you.

  7. Whew...I know hope springs eternal but getting someone else to 1)admit their pets might have fleas and 2) getting them to be responsible and apply an expensive flea control medicine is probably not going to happen.

    Do you ever have dogs visit? Even with flea control medicine, the fleas have to hop on and before they die, they could hop off...

    For every flea you see, there can be 300 eggs and larva in the environment. In my house, I use Siphotrol Plus House treatment and have never had a reaction from my cats. Instead of applying something to the Admiral, you might want to treat your house instead, and do it about 3 weeks apart or maybe even treat before you know you have 'visitors'.

    What did you use on the Admiral that caused such a reaction? Where I work, we always say use the least chemical to treat them that you need. If just fleas, use Advantage. If fleas and ticks, use Frontline Plus and for all that and heartworms, Revolution.

    Your vet knows you and the Admiral, they take good care of her, and you

  8. Thank goodness, we don't have that problem here.

  9. Well I am the guilty one bringing them into the house. Seems the last 2 times I was on the nature trail I picked one up and they chewed me to pieces. They don't seem to ever bother the cats or my hubby. I just vacum alot and have all bare floors. In 30 years of having pets none have ever had a flea problem or use anything to keep the fleas off. I just wish they wouldn't find me. But then we don't have that many in our area like some others. Fleas are one creature I have no idea what purpose they serve. Have a wonderful week hugs Carrie

  10. Looks like your in some trouble along with Admiral. So sorry to hear about your predicament. I hope that you will be able to find a solution and soon.

  11. I'm sorry to heard that an ignorance selfish people does to Admiral and you in high sentivity time and You don't wanted any bad contagious.

    As you know my friends having a cats and dogs but never heared about flea problem for last 35 years.
    Hopefully your problms sort out quickly...
    Hi to: Miyuki, Miss Catt, Victoria.

  12. Grrrr all you want to. I totally agree.