Monday, May 16, 2011


I am awaiting her furry majesty to come out from under the bed.  Today is Vet day and we must be about that business.  We go without an appt. as who knows when I can catch her.  I just take whomever is available among the Vets though of course,  we always wish for her own.

It's chilly and drizzly and the furnace has had to run to take the chill off once yesterday and once right now today.  What a deal for the middle of May. :-(

I have my first tomato of the season.  It's the size of a marble.  And there will be the usual perils of bugs (I do spray) and blssom end rot (I try to avoid it) and so on.  But the first one is here and I am thrilled!!

Wanna see?


  1. Wow, tomatoes already! It'll be a couple of months before we get them here. Longer, if this chilly weather continues!

    Good luck with v-e-t today. Fingers and paws crossed!

  2. Hee hee! That is sure a cutie-pie tomato! It will be big and edible sooner than you think.

  3. The tomato is awesome TWIN!! I will be following its progress with open mouth. LOL
    Good luck at the vet.


  4. Cute tomato and will be tasty before you know it.
    That smart little girl must know it's v-e-t day, bless you both.

  5. Miracle grow works wonderful gives them strength and they have it especially for Tomato plants now. Hope it continues to thrive. : )

  6. I used the Tomatoes dust which is more gentle than the spray?
    I knew all cats are the same which they hate go to
    the v-e-t.
    hope everything is alright.
    Hi to; Miyuki, Miss cats, and Victoria.

  7. Oh I'm so jealous. I can hardly wait for fresh tomatoes. Good luck with the vet thing.

  8. Hope the vet visit went well. Buddy had to have a shot for mange last week. I always thought mange was a skin condition but it's actually caused by mites! The itching has stopped, his ears are healing nicely after he scratched them raw and he's 100% Looney Tunes again! Chilly here too. The heat kicked on last night and I guess my subconscious mine noticed it had run an awful long time. that's when I bolted out of bed and slammed the windows shut.

  9. Hope all went well at the vets. Nice photo of your little tiny tom. :)