Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Night

Blogger seems to be back up and in power. I use Safari browser as I am operating a MAC. I loved Firefox and used it to the exclusion of any other, including trouble ridden IE. If you have a PC I recommend Firefox. I could get Firefox now but Safari is such an excellent browser plus the display of saved bookmarks is downright dazzling to see..I think I will keep it. If I didn't feel that happy with it, it would be Mozilla all the way (Firefox).

We had a wonderful Friday evening. The oldest and the youngest were here to celebrate the oldest's birthday which is tomorrow. It turned out to be more convenient to get together yesterday after work for them both. So, I baked Erich's birthday cake Thursday night and frosted it Friday morning. It was ripped into last evening. Oh, I outdid myself I think. It was a yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting and Oh!MY!Word! it was moist and tender..whew. Good stuff. We went to a BBQ place last night..Corky's BBQ and good that good oughtta be out lawed! I had the BBQ'd beef, cole slaw and baked beans. Couple of hush puppies thrown in for good measure and lemonade. Tartly sweet. DEElicious.

Erich stayed the night and Neil went home close to 10. Eggs and bacon, black coffee and toast with black raspberry jam for breakfast.Woo wee.

PS that cat is getting fatter and sleeker!


  1. Happy birthday (tomorrow) to Erich! That cake sounded yummy, and so did the BBQ.

    I stay away from IE, have used Firefox for years. Now I also have Chrome at work and at home, which I use for this Fuzzy Tales account and the blog reading, while I log in to my "own" account via Firefox. Crazy. LOL.

  2. I see both your 'Followers' and mine ain't back up yet...

  3. Mary here: So happy you had a nice evening and morning with your boys. Those times are cherished and don't happen often enough, but I guess we raised them to be independent.

  4. Afterthought - I meant to comment on that beautiful picture you took. It is very awesome.

  5. Great news. I see both in my stats everyday so many much use it.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. I'm having trouble getting around blogger Carole. Some places I can leave a comment others I can't. It's very annoying.
    A piece of that cake sounds mighty good right about now.
    Hope this works.

  7. Yumm, all of the food sounds delicious.
    Happy Birthday to your son. I am so glad that two of your boys are close by. Your new header photo is GORGEOUS!!


  8. Yay...Followers are back...hope that's the end of the troubles for blogger and bloggers!

  9. I Was having so much trouble with Blogger last night that, after finally get my post published I just shut down the laptop and picked up a book. I like Google Chrome for it's speed but Firefox is a little more stable. After years of being an IE loyalist I gave up on it when version 8 came out.

  10. Beautiful Header, Carole. You are getting very good at flower photography. Happy birthday to your oldest. Have a great weekend.

  11. Blessings.......
    Glad you enjoyed yourself with your children, as for blogger well you take the good with the bad eh...

    stay blessed...

  12. It sounds like a first class birthday celebration. We haven't seemed to have the blogger problems, using Safari, and are very thankful for that. There certainly seems to be a lot of frustration out there.

  13. I am still struggling with blogger but since I'm here, I hope, I wouldn't mind a slice of cake with a glass of milk.

  14. I used to use Internet Explorer but I had trouble posting photos. Then I used Google Chrome when posting as I have no problem. Still I was using Internet Explorer when visiting blogs but recently I had trouble commenting. Now I use Google Chrome all the time.
    Happy birthday to your oldest son!! Have a wonderful time :-)

  15. Now I'm hungry again. Boy, a person could get fat just reading blogs.

    Happy Birthday to Erich

  16. Happy Birthday to your son. That food and cake sounds so scrumptious.
    Beautiful flower in the header, looks like suede.
    I use Chrome mostly and I like Firefox too.
    Blogger is messing up today as usual, like being on WLS.

  17. I tried firfox after I left here and it was slow. Not sure why everything runs slow on weekends for me but it does.
    and agian Glad LB is getting gaining ground.