Sunday, May 29, 2011

Special Day Today

Today, the 29th, is my first son's birthday. Happy Birthday precious man. As with most mom's..I'll retain that child you were once in my mind's eye and certainly in my heart. I hope you enjoyed your day with your youngest brother and me...dinner out and a few pressies. The cake was good, wasn't it? You came from The Big City to here, where you were reared with your brothers. Here is a picture of your home while you were here and mine even now from a private aircraft taken by your youngest brother.

To my blog family..this illustrates well what I mean when I say I am surrounded by trees..we all are. And you can see how very VERY tall they are and why I hate high winds. I have seen more than one home cut in two along this street. I have that aerial home is on the right center with the white car in the driveway. The Fall picture is me standing in the driveway looking into part of my woods. The fence just contained the kids when they were little. The fence is the privacy section as that side faces the street. The lot is half an acre of forest. Hope you like them.


  1. Happy birthday to your oldest! I'm sure he had a lovely time with you. Who wouldn't enjoy dinner out and cake and presents? :-)

    I can see why the trees are a concern, but you do live in a lovely area. Maybe I wouldn't say that during blackfly and mosquito season, though. LOL.

  2. That is a lot of trees. I can see why the worry. Happy Birthday to your son.

  3. Happy Birthday to your son. How very lucky he is to have you for him mom.

    You have a lovely view from your driveway.


  4. So pretty being in the woods,but I understand your nerves about the trees. Glad you got to celebrate with your boys :)

  5. Occasions like these are treasured by mothers for sure. And, yes, he will always be your "kid". You are fortunate that 2 of your sons live close enough that the 3 of you could celebrate together. Here's to a wonderful year all round!

  6. Happy birthday to your number 1 son! Hope the weather behaved for you.
    Cake? With ice cream? YUMM!!

  7. Let's hope there are no fires in the area anytime. It's a beautiful area to live, but your right it can be hazardous.

  8. happy birthday to your son :)
    i hope he had a nice day!
    i can see why the trees would worry you, but wow! what a beautiful place to live. my cousin's house in wales backs onto the woods and i spent my whole childhood climbing trees and catching bugs in that little section of the forest.
    thanks for stopping by to comment on the pictures of Lola. She's quite a feisty little lady and she even plucked up the courage to sneak between Harley's legs and steal his food while he was eating! The cheek!
    I'll try to keep my blog updated on her progress :)

  9. Those are great pictures and so nice to see where you live. Happy Birthday to your son. I know you were delighted to share part of the day with him.

  10. Happy Birthday to your son and to you that gave him life and looks like lots of it.
    You live in a beautiful area and a nice place for you boys to come home to and have some beautiful memories.
    Family means so much.
    xoxo Have a wonderful day.

  11. First...Happy Birthday to your son. goodness those are some huge trees. I certainly understand why you hate high windy days. I think I'd be tempted to go away during a storm lol.
    Hope your fears never come to be.

  12. Happy HAPPY Be-lated birthday to your first born young man. May he have many more and may the cake and ice cream keep coming year after year. The best is wished for him... for you and the rest of your clan.
    Great snapshots!!!!