Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

What a humid hot and sunny day. Just right even if I mar my pristine alabaster complexion with...sweat!! ;-) And I am still sweating.

Been out to the Tractor Store or whatever ir's called for Sevin for the plants and some azalea food- of which there was none. Only place I found it was Home Depot. Headed to the pet store too, to get her a new taller and un-raveled rope scratching pole. I have been to probably 5 places or more. Also had a coupon from Penney's for 10 dollars off 10 dollars or more merchandise, so I got a white voile peasant blouse for 9 dollars with the coupon.

Gave the printer some paper..fed the azaleas, have to wait till tomorrow to spray any plants as the sun, it says on the label, will burn spots on the leaves. Took out the trash..cajoled the cat, readied the bathroom for a good thorough cleaning. UGH. That is next. I am doing this as a stalling tactic. Twin, come on over. We'll have a nice cuppa cherry tea AFTER we do the bathroom. Good part is the floor is already clean. I and a scrub brush were at it a few days ago.

Horst, I had my close up lens on and could not use the lens hood. BUT the REAL problem was, I was there at the worst part of the day. I was experimenting with camera raw to see if I could do better at the small processing I do, gets done. It works. The focus sucked too as I was hand held as always and had to keep moving to keep up with the butterfly.

Michiko..I'll go with you. I'll use the spare set of your golf clubs I have stored over here.

Terry, you're up for the next Redneck room..come go with. Chip..you too. You'd fit right in. All law enforcement those of us working and not. Doesn't matter, we're just as loud.


  1. I will be there for the cup of tea Twin, but I draw the line on cleaning the bathroom. I did that here yesterday.
    It is HOT and humid here too and I have the AC going.
    Great buy on the blouse!!


  2. Sounds like you have everything under control.
    Now take'r easy and relax on your deck with some iced tea.

  3. If you are still looking for a scratchin' post, we swear by the Purrfect Post. I think they only sell them online, but we energetically scratch on ours every day and it still looks brand new after 3 years! Plus it is heavy enough not to tip over, it looks nice, and it's tall enough to stretch while scratching.

  4. that hot and humid is expected here tomorrow, ugh. Sounds like you had a pretty good day though.

  5. Oh sounds like you had a very busy day. It is more difficult to go shopping if it is so hot and humid outside! But blouse for $9 with coupon...that's nice :-)

  6. I have had a good rest today that after three days my golfing.it is 17.30 evening, I just read Admiral and your post.
    You has been busy day with shopping the Azalea food that remind me to get some of mine too:-)

    Your new blouse only $9 that is good bargains ones:-)

    We having a cold weather's it seems early winter has come in here I would like to coming over Next weekend and WE can go to White Spring golf course (Valley view)? OR Cherokee Country club?
    You probably asleep now? Have a sweet dreams..
    xoxox to Sis,Miyuki,Miss Cat, and Victoria.

  7. I'm sure that I left comments in here which I did mention about Azaleas food I wrote "remind me to buy Azaleas food".
    Although I can't see in my space that I wrote for your question to said" We will have Italian food at Cherokee Country club".
    Plus two of my friends left their comments has disappeared from the my comment places.
    Maybe I left comments in sosmewhere???

  8. Well... I sure wish that we could find a way to bottle up some of your energy. I would be your most loyal and faithful customer.
    I have plenty to do around here. Heck, if it weren't for the last minute, I wouldn't get anything done.