Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for the first day without the furnace running or an iron gray sky and without rain! I even saw the sun a few times.  Riches.

I have no idea why but one of my friends two blog spots says--when I click to go-- that the profile won't allow access.  I got there yesterday evening finally to make comments on both but today it's as it was all day yesterday, inaccessible.  I have tried all day long.  I guess that's the way it is.  Once in a while it will allow me in.  I'll check back occasionally and see if all that is over.

Meanwhile a superb day.  The cat feels great and shows it.  I did my tread milling and weights..I headed out into the woodlands and got some walking in with the camera as my buddy.  A friend called and invited me to supper..can't beat that with a stick.

My oldest will be here tomorrow after work.  Haven't decided on supper yet.  But I have been to the grocery store.  I saw someone I have worked with quite some time but her appearance changed to the effect that I didn't recognize her.  She has gained some weight and her hair is shorter.  However we stood (out of the way of other shoppers) and chewed the rag for about fifteen minutes.

I have my fave perfume on..Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.  I LOVE that fragrance even if it does cost me $120.00.  Some things are worth it.  I wear other fragrances sometimes but this is my signature.

OK.  Done.  (stop saying "thank goodness"..that's not polite!)  :-)


  1. I'm at a loss to explain the inability to comment, Carole, though I did get your comments last evening. A Blogger hiccup?

    We had a break in our rain this aft and I took a spur-of-the-moment half day off work to go to a garden centre and get a few annuals and some bags of soil. Got them potted before the next round of rain, but could use a few more. Saturday, I'll pick up a few more on Saturday. I only put a few containers out anyway.

    I was cheered to read that The Admiral was feeling so good--and surprised she's not giving you the back of disrespect. LOL.

    Enjoy dinner out--how lovely not to have to do food prep for yourself this evening!


  2. I've been having problems with several Blogger pages today either not allowing access or the comment box is unavailable. You don't think any of the WLS trolls have managed to sneak into Blogger do you?

  3. My signature is 'L'air du Temps'. Don't you love having one?

  4. Hi Sis! I guess you are in bed with a beautiful smell Coco Mademoiselle:-) your time 12:53PM.

    I don'n understand why our blog spots getting hard for us? Some friends spots are everytime you need to sign after comments.

    I'm glad you and Miss catts are getting back to normal that you haven't got idea how much I worried in my little head:-)

    Hope you both are sleep well.
    Hi! Miyuki, Miss Catt, and Victoria,

  5. Blogger hasn't worked right since their down time. I have to sign in for everything now.
    Hope your supper was good tonight!


  6. It would make an interesting post...all the fragrances that have been 'mine' over the years...Ambush, Tabu, Shalimar,
    Arpege, Maja, Liz Claiborne, Opium, and now...thrifty but always commented on, Dove Grapefruit & lemongrass, hahameow!

  7. Blessings.....
    Love that smell too but i am not about to pay that price for it. I received it as a gift.

    Enjoy your time with your family

  8. Only had that trouble when followers disappeared for awhile, but since, so far so good. Fingers crossed.

    Glad her Ladyship is feeling much better. Dinner you don't have to cook is always a good thing, as "Martha" would say.

    Wish we could get to the 'no furnace' time.

  9. The problem that you are having with your friend's blog/page is similar to my dating rituals... it's a hit and miss scenario over and over again. Bwahaha!
    Good to hear that your pussycat is doing well.

    All in all, sounds like you had yourself a good day. Here's hoping that you enjoy another walk and post some pics for us, it would be a pleasure to take a stroll with you.

  10. Im playing catch up here. I had no idea that some of the blogs werent working. I ve been out working in my yard and keeping busy. I havent been out that to take many photos.
    Have a beautiful day Carole.

  11. Have you tired the new Chanel called Chance. Its very nice and I had to have some. A change form the others I have .