Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well, third day is always the charm. My little girl has been very affectionate to me after the v-e-t visit and I knew the jig would be up today and it is. It's always the third day that the shying away and the hiding starts. It will take several weekes before she trusts me again. This time I don't have to take her for 2, 3 months. Unless something comes up.

Kim, if you're reading this, I can't get thru to make a comment in either of your blogs. I sure have tried.

It's still the mid forties at night. Go figure! Getting on toward the end of the month and cold, cloudy and rainy still. We did have a few good days. Yesterday broke the cold record for that day since 1911.

Here's my girl Tuesday.


  1. Her only safe place at the terrible v-e-t's, her PTU. Maybe she'll forgive you soon and will be herself again, hoping so.

  2. I'm reading, can't fathom why you can't comment. Wonder if anyone else is having trouble and if this is just a Blogger glitch. I haven't made any changes to either blog.

    Well, it's great news there won't be a vet visit for a few months. Hurrah!

  3. She will forgive you soon. You are the most important person in the world to her.


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  5. Kim..says Profile unavailable.

  6. I hope Admiral doesn't have to visit the vet for a very long time. I am sure she will trust you again!!

  7. Hi Carole, hope everything works out for your little Admiral.

  8. Hurray!!I'm very happy for the good news that she doesn't go back for three month.
    Well I can have a little brake from blogs too:-)
    You both have a good night sleep tonight.
    And I will have one too with out worries..
    Hi Miss Catts, Miyuki,and Victoria.

  9. She loves you too much to hold a grudge for long. Soon all will be right with the world.

  10. Well, that makes for an easier way to cart your four legged princess around in, quite the chariot if you ask me. :)
    Here's hoping that there will be a change in the weather soon, for the better ... with warmer days and bright blue sky for you to enjoy. It's actually a little on the cloudy side here, but certainly warm, t shirt weather! Yahoo!!

  11. She looks so cute in that little thing. Hope she is doing well. Its colder her than it should be . I just hope it doesnt freeze when the skys clear. +7C