Monday, May 9, 2011

What a beautiful day

I am so grateful that yesterday was 80 degrees and today 85, full sun and just a delight.

Two of the three boys were here. We did go out to eat last evening and the restaurant gave me a red velvet cupcake. DEELISHUS! My middle boy who is over the mountains gave me two seasons of The Cosby's which we all four LOVE. Neil gave me iTunes gift card and Erich a great book by one of my fave singers. Who knew he was an author? We listened to 5 episodes last evening before the boys took off like big birds. did (took off). The other stayed. A question of mom doing the laundry. ☺☺I volunteer..don't mind a bit. We went to Ruby Tuesday last night. I had the chicken fresco I think it was called? Delicious. Neil had steak and Erich had chicken primavera or however it's spelled. MUCHO dollars to get out of there though. And I drank water!

The usual bacon, eggs, coffee and bacon for breakfast! Num. No potatoes or juice. I forgot. I like to spoil him. I gave him a ham steak to take home and some steamable veggies..roasted red potatoes, green beans and some garlicky sauce. Scrumptious.

Hope your day was good. I stopped off to take pictures in the arboretum in camera raw..makes any processing so much easier and better and danged if I didn't have all sucky pictures. I'll post one here so you can see that the focus was bad, too name it.. Not going in Flickr. Yuk.


  1. Your meal sounds delicious. I love chicken any way it is fixed.
    I think the photo is very nice! You are way too critical of yourself.


  2. When it's that bright, you should use a higher fstop like f11 or f16, but nice try anyway. Also a lens shade would help a lot.

  3. Mother's day is one days earlir than yours:-)
    Todays 10th Tuesday.So glad your Mother's is fantasic days and mins as same as yours except two gorgeous little ones:-)
    End of the days I can't remember what's my son's wearing the day? that is bad it was almost hitts by tornadoes LOL!

    Your photo is nice that only you make grumble about your photo :-)

    Today I wented my friend golf course which was a guest day and very enjoyble that we have has a beautiful day except only 4c in the morning and still dark 0645 I left home, I'm mad.....
    I told about you and Miss catt, they said very happy make progress her health:-)

    But my friends ones ?????
    hey, it almost my post in here.........
    Have a good night with sweet dream,
    xoxox To daer Sis,Miyuki,Miss Catt, and Victoria.
    Tomorrwo is my home clubs golf day.........

  4. M here: So very happy you had a wonderful Mother's day. Part of being a good mother is that we never get tired of doing something for our special human babies - even if they are old enough to do their own laundry. They do appreciate it, even if they don't always say thank you. You are blessed to have 3 wonderful boys and a wonderful furbaby.

  5. I glad I had breakfast late or your meal description would have me wanting to eat. Not a bad picture. I like it. We all do for our kids if we can. Always wished we could do more.

  6. Blessings......

    Wonderful you were spoilt by your beloved sons. Enjoy the sun\