Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Will This Ever End?

I came close to a one woman pity party yesterday.  Just frustrated waiting on the hired 3 days a week...3 hrs per visit person and the continual stream of changing personnel when they leave town, etc etc.  and not being able to do 99% of anything myself is why I started the one woman party.  But...I know full well how much worse it could be.   Yepper, I am vastly inconvenienced but when I think of the possibilities that might have been, I know that I am the recipient of mercy.

Thank you from the heart for coming to see me despite my non replies.  Seeing you understand (doing this blog is tiring on my left side already) and come to cheer me on is riches to me.


the picture is a little 4 week old baby..much loved by her adoptive family.  This is Coco.


  1. Every woman needs a pity party now and then. It's fine, as long as you don't get mired in it. :-)

    Lots of (((hugs))) and Light.

  2. Pity parties are OK, even necessary ever so often. I understand it, have them ever so often myself. You routine has changed, but remember it will not be this way forever.

  3. A one woman Pity Party is to be expected now and again. Especially when your handicapped is such a way, even if it is temporary. Hang in there girl. Hug

  4. Coco is SO sweet!

    From a distance there is not much we can do other than offer you encouragement. Sounds like you could use a nice lunch out with friends if somebody could drive you. Hang in there!

    It is possibly more trouble than it is worth, but some form of voice recognition software that you could use on your Mac would enable you to write emails and such with much less use of your hands - i guess some for editing only. But there is bound to be a learning curve that might be frustrating. There IS an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch that is free as a way of trying the idea out. My husband got it (at the Apple store with help as he was a novice about downloading Apps) on his iPod Touch and so was able to dictate some emails. He hasn't stuck with it, but it did seem easy enough to use.

    Siba's Mom

  5. The App is called Dragon Dictation and is free. If you are using an iPod it needs the earphones that have a microphone in them, though. They are about $20.

  6. We understand and are sending you extra purrs. It is hard to go from independant to really dependant overnight. But, you are right - it could have been worse and it is getting better. So, take a little one will blame you for feeling bad about what happened.

  7. M always says it's good to have a good cry every now and then. I clears the cobwebs out of the head. We love you and are here for you through thick & thin (right now it's pretty thin!) You are improving tho, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there dear friend.

  8. Oh, I dont know who Coco is, but oh my what a darling little kitty.

  9. Coco was sure a precious girl too like our friend The Admiral.
    Mom says it OK to have a pity party, but don't party too long.
    Someone mentioned the Dragon Dictation. I have this but haven't put it on my PC. Maybe I should.

    We love you and understand how it must be to be dependent on others. And always remember that this too will pass.
    xoxo Kassey and her Mom

  10. Well, I think you've done pretty well considering how debilitating such injuries are. Before you know it you'll be back to prowling the Internet at will! I've thought often of you my friend, Gods grace and healing to you.

  11. Twin, you have every right to indulge in a pity party. Knowing you though, I know it was a short party.
    Your countdown is getting shorter, HOORAY!!
    coco is so cute,


  12. You are doing amazingly well, despite what you went through. Occasional pity parties are alright and you'll soon be back to your usual self. :)
    Coco is adorable!

    Take care of yourself!

  13. I can feel your frustration...but I believe you can get through this!
    Please take good care of yourself. We all hope you get well very soon :-)

  14. Coco is such a sweet little kitty cat.

  15. Hi Sis!
    Sorry to you has been hard time for last few weeks
    and another 4 weeks to go? we all your friends are count for you to get well.
    Coco is so sweet cat, Is that from Coco Chanel...
    I will be your home this weekend, just hold on the your beautiful tomato:-)
    I will slice for you okay Sis....
    xoxoxo YOU, Miyuki,Miss Catt, and Victoria.

  16. A pity party! What can I bring?
    The kittens a cutie!

  17. I've been MIA for most of the past couple of days but I'm here for the part! will there be cake and fancy hats? I have a beanie with a propeller on top and I'll be happy to rent it out for pictures:-)

    Ooops....never mind......Frankie says she "put my beanie away for me". That means it's time to go buy another because this one will never be seen again.

  18. Awwww what a Cute baby,,,,,,
    What is that they say ???? Nothin Good , or Nothin Bad lasts forever. But of-coarse I'm not the one sittin here outta commission with a broken wrist ....... :(
    Well one good thing,,, looks like you'll be having Tomatoes, fresh motzarel and sweet basil soon :) Yum!!

  19. The days go so slow when we want them to go fast..hugs to you I know this whole thing is NOT easy at all.. XXOO

  20. ♫ *´”)
    ,¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ♫ ♪
    (¸.•´ (¸.• ♫ ♪ I love pity parties. (Ok, “love” is a strong word.) Yes my Dear, we all have pity parties and there is nothing wrong with having them either. After all, the purpose of a Pity Party is to dump the pity.... the whoa is me feeling and what better thing to do then to invite your friends. :)
    Chin up... this too shall pass.