Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yummy for my Tummy

I have had maybe six tomatoes so far.  I just finished a tomato sandwich liberally sprinkled with black pepper.  I regret I can no longer grind my pepper myself but then, that's one of just about everything I can't do.

I have made a pig of myself eating those tomatoes.  If you could see me attempting to slice one, you'd roll.  These Early Girl tomatoes are very firm even tho ripe. I sharpened the knife and tried to cut thru with pressure from my left hand.  Not a lot of luck. I stabbed them with a fork and tried to hold it still with my inner elbow right arm, as the tomato rested in the saucer so as to slice.  I finally got one butchered and eaten.

Here is one of my pictures taken the day before the accident.


  1. Butchered or not, I'm sure those tomatoes were wonderful!

    Lovely, lovely photo. Here's to healing and getting back into the photography...as well as easily cutting tomatoes!

  2. You made me giggle of your slicing method you poor thing. I thought maybe you would just set the mater on the bread and another to top and well ... another giggle, sorry. Glad you enjoyed the fruits of your labor.

  3. Oh, now I am jealous again as my maters aren't ripe enough yet to eat.
    I can just imagine you attacking the tomato with fork and knife.
    The photo is gorgeous as are all of your shots.


  4. Sorry to have been gone for so long. Happy to see that you are back on the mend and keeping us updated.
    Hope you can get through the pain portion of healing real soon.

  5. It's a good thing you're as flexible as you are it sounds like. I am so glad you've got a bountiful crop of tomatoes to enjoy, that at least doesn't add insult to injury! Bless you Carole.

  6. SIX already! How yum.

    Hey, if I (Mom) were in your shoes, I would roughly slather mayo on a piece of bread, and use my left hand to hold the tomato and bread in turns, alternating: just takes bites of each one! Who needs the sandwich?

    The photo is amazing!

  7. So glad to hear that you can handle yourself to cut the tomato...in the way I feel sad that I can't help you Sis BUT it sound you are getting a better everyday.
    The photo is a beautiful with a little fat bee:-)
    Please don't do too much.
    xoxoxo my dear Sis, Miss Catt, Miyuki, Victoria.

  8. hack hack hack..... get n anxe

  9. Where there is a Will, there is a way! Way to go Carole. Never say I give up! I bet your tom sandwich was quite yummy indeed! I remember as a little girl when I would do something I wasn't sure I could do, I would do it and then say, "Good for me", as I was so proud of my accomplishment. So my friend, I just want to say. "Good for you". :)

    The photo is absolutely Beautiful.

    Take care Carole.
    Hugs and Prayers
    Dianne :)

  10. Glad to see that you are getting better :-)

  11. WHOA - that photograph is gorgeous, as yours usually are. Now you stabbing the poor tomato is a picture I'd like to see. By the time you are allowed to use your right hand again, you won't know how to use it.

  12. Woohoo! sis Tamago said to Admiral ha ha ha
    Well that is truth that we both know that too.
    I don't think you know that Gypsy has lost her drive license in the last summer time she was driving 200km on the high way with loudly the music on early in the morning to coming in here.
    I guess someone rung police? that why Admiral's driving now.
    Now you know that you need to replace a set of four tires LOL!
    You take care.
    xoxox Sis, Miss Catt, Miyuki, and Aka Victoria.

  13. The visual of you 'butchering' the tomato has moistened my face, lol. I know it's not funny to try this with the 'wrong' hand but have had mine braced once so it all came back. You know when once or twice a person has wished for someone to do everything for them? Then when it does happen you realize real fast that it isn't all it's cracked up to be.

  14. I'm not a fan of tomatoes but I love watching my rabbits and guinea pigs devour them. I can just imagine what you must have looked like butchering your tomato. :p
    The picture is beautiful.

  15. I still haven't gotten any red tomatoes yet and I even bought plants this year hoping for an earlier crop. Well your sound so delicious. Glad to hear you recovery is coming along. Hugs Carrie

  16. I'm sorry you have a lot of hard time. But I'm sure these tomatoes are quite tasty!!
    Both your comment on Michiko san's blog and her comment here made me laugh!! You two are just so funny :-) Drive too fast or not, I hope Admiral san drives safe!!

  17. I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh as I visualized you slicing, excuse me, butchering, your tomato. The good thing is you ate it!!