Monday, August 22, 2011

Bizzy day

Today August 22 is my youngest son's birthday.  He was a blessing to me when he was born as were all three of my sons and certainly he still are they.  I am the most blessed of all mother's in the world as far as I'm concered to have these three young men to call my own..even though they are adults..they are still mine. A great and loving gift to me from which I can never say often enough how grateful I am they are in my life.

The new header picture is one I took last week.  It's about a mile away from here and of course, out of the city.  I hope you like it.

I got back from Charlotte late yesterday where we, my youngest and I, had a wonderful time.  Saturday we went to my son's school where he teaches and helped him arrange his room.  They--the Principal-- surprised several of the teachers and unexpectedlychanged their rooms..hence a big "move it all out and rearrange everything" was in order.

We didn't take a single picture other than the ones at school that I may post.  I smiled at his class room which has the stamp of Tennessee sports in it..despite the fact this is North Carolina and Panther country, etc.  There's more than shows in the classroom picture as he hadn't gotten it all out of the boxes yet.  The other picture is the main entryway into the school proper.

I kept up decently with my home therapy exercises while gone.  Sunday was a bust though.  Got one done at his kitchen so-so one in the car, two more decent ones here at home and so for 2 days I lacked 1 each therapy session.

I have one last orthopaedic doctor visit and that should do it for me.  I will keep on with therapy for some time though.

My little girl was sure glad to see me as she expressed in her blog yesterday and today.  I was equally glad to see her but she did make it a little hard in the night to sleep..both of us as she kept checking to make certain that was me in the bed and not some impostor.


  1. Happy birthday to your youngest! I'm sure the help on the weekend, getting the classroom set up, was much appreciated.

    Oh, my...Looking at the pics gives me the heebee jeebies. I hated school, had an awful time as the outsider in a small community. Even at my age, my skin crawls when I have to go into a local elementary school to vote in elections. That's the only time I have to set foot in a school, though, mercifully.

  2. Good photos of the school. Happy Birthday to your youngest. I laughed out loud at Fuzzy Tales' comment. I hated school, but I loved college.
    Kassey used to check on me, but now she just walks by me on the bed, getting to her nesting place.

  3. Happy Birthday to your youngest son! As I get older, I realise how lonely I was in school as I never really fitted in.
    How great that Admiral kept checking in on you. I think that's adorable. :)

  4. I saw your post over on FB but still: best birthday wishes! I have no doubt the MISS missed you! I am glad for the progress you've been making since your injury...time heals all wounds they say!

  5. One hates physical therapy. Sending you speedy healing wishes.

  6. Happy Birthday to your youngest son. I hope today is one of the best days of his life. Your sons are the ones that are most blessed too, having you as their loving mom!


  7. It sounds like a wonderful family Carole.
    I like the new header pic. Very serene.
    I know you don't have to be told to keep up with your therapy. Look at the progress you've made so far!

  8. Happy Birthday to you Son and you.
    Love the header photo also. I changed mine as well from one I just took.
    Glad your healing and Mis Catt is doing well.

  9. Hi Carole, love your header, and Happy Birthday to your youngest. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself rearranging the class rooms. I'm glad your trip was a good one, and that you kept up as much as you could with your hand exercises.
    It's nice to be around animals like the Admiral that really miss you when your gone.

  10. I'll bet that even though you missed a couple of structured exercises you used that hand in others ways that were just as beneficial.

  11. Happy Birthday to your youngest son.
    It sound you have has a good time with your son's
    "Mother's and son's" that I always enjoy be with them too.
    I like the header picture Sis!
    Please Keep your hand exercises "gentle":-)
    Enjoy with your little girl.
    Xoxoxo Sis, Miyuki, and Victoria.

  12. Yup - classroom needs some decorating, but I'm confident your son will have it ship shape in nor time. Teacher's just love those surprises when they return to work after being off for the summer. (M here - I remember those days well). So glad you could make the trip and enjoy time with a couple of your boys anyway. You are a good mom and did a wonderful job raising them.

  13. Nice bright and shiney classroom. Looks roomy. After working in schools for so many years I look at the easy cleaning aspect. Here I've had so many teachers cram much unnessary stuff into a room you can hardly move between the desks, let alone vaccum or dust. The kids all look so crowded and I have heard some complain.