Sunday, August 14, 2011


Many folks, if not the majority have completely lost their listening skills.  I have noticed that increasingly thru the past 10 years.  You are in a conversation with start to state something and they chime in with an answer/thought already!  Though you are not finished, they jump in because they have presupposed what you're going to say and they are completely wrong.  OR you do get to state whatever it is, and while you yet speak they change it in their mind to something  completely NOT what you said because they change your words to something that fits their way of thinking.

I have found myself repeating what I just said a few moments before because whatever they thought they heard had nothing at all to do with what I said.  Amazing phenom.  Scary too.

Today I was in charge of cleaning the house with no help forthcoming so I took it slow and one handedly cleaned and shined my kitchen wood floor the way *I* want it to look..not some clouded mess that the hired women would do.  It wasn't their floor so why take any pains at it?  I paid $18.00 an hour for some pretty poor help BUT!!! It beat nothing at all.  I polished all of my counter tops again.  That felt so good.  Everything is gleaming. I cleaned the bathroom in 2 day stages.  Today was the tub and surround which is white and I want it blindingly clean and shining so that when I walk in, assuming the sun is shining in the window toward me, I can see myself reflected in the tub surroud and area. (I can)  All this for the first time in 8 weeks.  Ah....Took the pillow out to sun and managed to one handedly change the sheets. Did the wash and believe it or not, got the sheets folded.  Life and God are good.  I am progressing and Mercy was shown to me through this ordeal.

Here is another attempt.  Of 60 pictures, 10 survived as not quite as out of focus.  Painfully but joyfully taken.  I was having the best time in two months out there struggling with the camera.  Truly happy and I came home feeling like a million dollars albeit a painful million.  :-)))

xoxoxo  You friends are the best.  Don't mind my clean house silliness.  No one can see under the beds and in the closets.  So I have everyone fooled. Love you all.


  1. Your post is very upbeat, Carole, it's clear you had a great day. Hurrah! :-)

    There's nothing like a bit of cleaning and better yet, photography, to provide fabulous mental and emotional therapy!

  2. The photo is very beautiful! Good job Twin!
    It does my heart good to read this post. I am so thankful that you are doing well. God is good, I will second that!!

    Hugs xoxo

  3. My goodness, can I hired you for a few days?

  4. Those women should have cleaned the floor your way because you were paying them to do it. That's one of my pet peeves lately; total lack of work ethic in most people. Frankie comes home complaining about some of the stuff her co-workers pull, and get away with, and I can add no management skills, either!

    Oh, and those folks who don't listen and change what they hear to fit their ideas......they're called politicians! No work ethic with them, either!

  5. Glad you are feeling upbeat about things around the house. That photograph is amazing! Good luck with the next PT session.

    Simba's Mom

  6. I loved reading this post! You seem to have your spunk back and on the mend. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  7. Sis! I understand how you feeling about the cleaned lady but this stage just need to pass on
    and look forward to a couple weeks.
    Victoria's works so hard to help you?"Beautiful wonderfully photography".
    xoxoxox Sis,Miss Catt, Miyuki, aka Victoria.

  8. Way to go on your cleaning. Been there done that with help also. Good help is hard to find but it can be found . I know that one for sure.
    Beautiful flower . So happy your back at it. Dont over do it but keep at it slow.
    My nose is still tender but thats what we get.

  9. Hi Carole, I am glad to hear you are getting back your spunk. What a good feeling it must be to be able to do your own cleaning again, even if it is with one hand. That shows great determination and I applaud you. I know there are good cleaning ladies out there cause I happen to be one of them and take great pride in my work. :)
    Glad to hear you are out with your camera also. Sometimes I could take 50 or 60 pic's and lucky if 10 of them survive. I have deleted my share of photos, that is for sure. :)
    Nice shot of the flower Carole and I know you will have many many more in the days to follow. Just don't over do things and keep getting better and stronger each day.
    I am so glad you are coming along, even if it is and has been a long hard road back, you are on your way.
    Yes life is Good , and God is Good no matter what.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  10. I certainly know what you mean about listening. If communication is dying then surely reciprocation is dead. I keep trying to practice what I preach in this regard...guess I'll keep trying and hope for the best! I think you've got my cleaning skills (or lack thereof) thoroughly beaten! Wow! Love the picture by the way!

  11. We used to get someone to come once a week to clean the house. After she broke a duck AND spoiled my vacuum, I had enough and terminated her services. Nothing quite like doing my own cleaning (which I enjoy doing). :)

    What are those things on the flower petal?

  12. I can see under the beds and in the closets ;-).

  13. Yes people do not listen well at all. I have actually told people to be quiet until I'm done and they just might realize we were on the same page.

    It sounds like your well on your way back to normalcy. Hooray.

  14. What did you say again? ;)

    I just have to say that photo is gorgeous. The petal looks like a little candy dish holding pretty treasures.

  15. Sis! I felt a good this morning:-) it is your comments left in my space it says "One of your very best blogs" Thank you for encourage me.
    So far I have had four birthdays celebration and one more to my grand kid who is 13 years old.
    Hope you have easier time today.
    xoxoxo Sis, Miyuki,Miss Catt, Victoria.

  16. I am constantly clamping my mouth shut to not interrupt!! for me it is hard because I have so few conversations & I get excited :D
    your progress made me smile :)

  17. I read once that people are usually thinking of their response and not really paying attention to what is being said. I have caught myself doing that...not good.
    Sounds like you're really making progress. Being able to have your house like you want it has to be a real spirit lifter. So happy for you!!