Monday, August 8, 2011

The Rest of the Story

So...yesterday as I looked so frizzed and tumbled I couldn't go to church, instead I took my receipt for the Salon and headed there instead at 1100.  (remember, I can't do many things including my hair and I can't hold anything in my right hand yet).

My Salon is in a large department store..hence it's open on Sunday' hours. As I started in, I happened to cross paths with the store's manager.  I whispered the incident to her (so as not to include bystanders) and she said that was totally unacceptable and the Salon  Manager was there that day and took me to her.  She recognised me also as she has seen me two years now.  I told her all I was asking for at this point was to put my hair back on  top of my head as I had to take it all the way down and run some product in it trying to tame the horrible dry frizzies from  not having proper care the day before.  She plugged in an iron..noted my burn on my forehead and the other two burns..and applied some deep conditioning to my hair.. and styled it.  Then she piled it beautifully on top and I was in business.  She asked for my credit card..and refunded the charge from Saturday and sent me on  my way fully satisfied.  She said she would talk one on  one with that person about the incident.  To be burned three times was completely unacceptable and to be sent from the Salon looking like that was also unacceptable.

She said she had spent 8 years building their (most excellent, truly) reputation and wasn't going to have that work brought down.  I said if this caused the stylists to be so and so's when I next come in I would just make it easy and find another salon.  She said she'd rather have her leave than lose me.  I said I did not want that to happen and that I hoped the woman would handle it well and learn.

So, I did go and it is settled.  I have an appt. with another person Saturday and my regular one will be back three days later.  (death in the family and an already planned family reunion).

I was nice when I stated the problem, I assure you all..and all I wanted was to have my hair put back up after I tried to douse it one handed with  Redkin  Satinware.  I got so much more.


  1. That's fantastic! I'm so glad that the Salon Manager was amenable to remedying your problem and refunding your money :-).

  2. WONDERFUL news Twin. I am so glad that was taken care of for you.


  3. My goodness, that is awful Carole. I just went back and read your last post concerning what happened at the salon. Sounds like you handled yourself very well under the circumstances. I am so sorry that happened to you. I hope and pray things get better for you real soon.

    I hope and pray you have a good and pleasant day my friend.

    Oh since I am here and but for a moment as I need to get ready for my work day. I have some good news. My son and Samantha had their baby boy Michael, last Friday. They are both home now and we went to visit them yesterday for the first time. You are the first to know on blogger and I hope to do an update soon. Hope is doing very well also and went to see her new cousin. They are almost the same size. :) Actually Hope is a little bigger at this point but I am sure Michael will catch up and soon be the bigger of the two. Well I didn't mean to write so much, but wanted you to know the good news.

    You remain in my thoughts and prayers Carole.
    Love and Hugs my Sister in the Lord, my friend.
    Dianne :)

  4. Wow - we are glad you got that settled. It is nice to see that some people still understand good customer service.

  5. It sounds like the Salon Manager was very professional. I hope the burn on your forehead is looking and feeling better by now.

  6. It is very good to hear that the salon manager treated you so well and refunded your money. I do hope that the lady that work on your hair a few days ago, learns to treat people a lot better than she has in the past.

  7. So glad the salon manager sort out the problems,
    She knew that how important to kept it up her salon as we all knows heaps of another salons.
    I thought was another lady (off side situation)should be attend to your hair? not new one? because you are regular customer.
    Hope your forehead doesn't leave scar....
    xoxoxx dear Sis, Miyuki, Miss cat, Victoria.

  8. That's the way you rectify a situation!

  9. Excellent! There are far too few people these days who understand the value of customer service. So glad the manager of your salon does. Hope the PT is getting a bit easier and producing some results.

  10. That sounds like a happy ending. I missed out on what happened earlier (was terribly busy the last few days) so will read about it soon.

  11. That is a business that truly cares and a wonderful Manager.

  12. What an ordeal you had to go through! I'm glad the salon manager took care of you and hope your burns are healing up quickly!

  13. So glad it was taken care of and I hope you won't have any scars.

  14. Talk about grace in a tough situation Carole! I'm thrilled to hear it!