Sunday, August 7, 2011

Still working for improvement

This starts day 4.  Soon as I leave here I will start the PT for the day.  Five times I will do that.  There is a tiny improvement in a few motions, none yet in others.

Yesterday I kept an appt with a salon to simply have my hair washed, styled some and piled atop my head. My hair is thick and heavy and sort of long hence, even in a/c, hot on my neck.  As I can't manage styling my hair as I can't yet grasp anything at all..I have to pay to have someone do it ad it's stuck there till I pay someone to do it again.  So...moving on.  I was shampooed..and then it all went down hill. This is a new woman there in the salon I might add.  She started blow drying my hair.burned my scalp pretty badly with the hot hot setting too close to my scalp.  Then she hauled out a curling iron that looked like it came from the Dollar Store's shelves where old merchandise would be if they had that.  One inch rod..pinch clamp.  She burned my scalp with that as well.  Then, in attempting to do my bangs, she laid it ON my forehead burning a postage stamp size burn on me.  Yes I protested all 3 burns  She gathered my hair and threw it on top of my head with my elastic band. I handed them the money and left.  She kept saying "are you mad?  Are you mad?  I'm sorry." I said in reply  was burned and it hurt. My hair has nothing in gel, no's frizzy and seriously bad looking.  I'm helpless to fix it.  I will be there Monday a.m. and speak to the manager.

Gotta stop staling and get in there and do my PT.



  1. As if you didn't have enough to deal with. Wouldn't you just like to smack someone like that. I hope the manager can straighten her out.

    Hugs Twin for you 'n her.

  2. That's just awful. Wasn't there someone there that could supervise and take over. Frankly, you shouldn't have had to pay at all. I hope they give back your money, or at least a free new appointment with someone that knows what their doing.

  3. I am kind of speechless reading this. So many things I had not thought of that are hard or impossible for you to do without good use of that right hand.

    Simba's Mom

  4. Burning you and a
    absolutely no pay or money back.
    Sounds like the woman who did my hair on my wedding morning.

  5. Oh awful! I am so sorry you had to go through such horrible experience. That lady at salon should not handle customer's hair. I hope the manager will do something to improve.

  6. there is a part 2 tomorrow..tune in. ;-)

  7. No question, I would have walked out without paying. Then on Monday, after getting my hand set again after breaking it on her nose, I would have my lawyer file suit as soon as he finished arranging my bail.

    Hang in there; PT is a pain, literally, but it does help. Been there, done that, didn't even get a T-shirt!

  8. I hope that lady gets fired, she should not be allowed to work on peoples hair with this many burns on one person.

  9. I say shave it all off. You won't have to deal with it for a while. See a simple and effective solution and no charge!

  10. So glad you're going to see the manager tomorrow. Good luck!

  11. It was hard to believed at in the salon?
    If you goes to the bush country side....
    I normally follows the person that where ever she/he moved therefore pretty safe with my hairs.
    read tomorrows one.

  12. What an awful experience. What was she thinking!?

  13. Not only was that torture, it was pure incompetence. She should be dealt with harshly and then fired. I'm sorry you had to endure this.
    One reason I stopped going is because of the hot dryer and she kept running her mouth and not paying attention. I cut my own hair now.