Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday news

They never called me so I called them!  Therapy starts Thursday and will happen every Tuesday and Thursday.  That's the only time the therapist will be there.  Going to hurt but who cares?

I'm proud of me!  I just deleted an unkind sentence or two!  ;-)  It occurred to me that writing about that topic I was going to mention does no one least of all me, any good.

Having the next to the last home help today.  That is horribly expensive so glad not to have to have it.  There will be a few things that will take time for me to do but..oh well.   can opening and bill paying are two things and folding sheets.

Just checking in.  going to be 98 here today..feels like will be much higher.  This is me 4 weeks ago.  :-) I bet I still look the same...inside.  xox


  1. You may miss some of the help, but being independant again will be HUGE!! Besides, sheets don't have to be folded straight and if it takes a few minutes longer to do some things, so be it (ok - the Admiral may not agree about the can opening, but still....)

  2. Freaky image. LOL. Save it for Halloween.

    Good luck getting things done, sans help. It's costly here, too, to bring someone one in to assist.

    And fingers (and paws) crossed the PT goes well!

  3. Wow! That is some X-Ray. I can see the breaks after 2 weeks of healing.

    Send the succotash can to me and I will open it and send it back to you. Turn around time should only be a week or two. ;-)

    Best of luck with the therapy.


  4. I'd be asking for pain meds for therapy 'cause I'm not tough at all. As someone said, sheets don't have to be perfectly folded. Of course the Boss will help...lol

  5. That's a creepy picture...Maybe you could walk over to your neighbour's if you need a can opened. :) It's been hot today but very breezy...

  6. Thinking about you . Praying all goes well too.
    Do try and suffer with the pain. Take something.
    Much Love

  7. Okay, now my take on PT. I know it's for my own good but paying those folks to hurt me just seems WRONG! To tell the truth, it doesn't hurt as much (physically)as it did when I first started but the co-pays are ridiculous, especially on an SSDI pension!

  8. Wow, that would be great Halloween image for you! It sounds like you're moving right along with recovery. I'm not at all surprised that you had to get with it and call about therapy...seems that is the rule rather than the exception these days. We head out for another five day cabin adventure as of Thursday...I've got tons to do before our trip abroad and am struggling not to stress out over it all. It's only 73 here right now...bet you are for once a wee bit jealous of our weather.

  9. I don't know what says to you Sis!
    You must be exhausting after all that problems
    with physically and emotionally some financially.
    I hope the therapy make easy for you without hurt.
    Please take care,
    xoxoxo Sis,Miyuki,Miss cat,Victoria.
    Sis. 0430.

  10. YAY - you are getting there. You will be amazed at how my therapy will help. Just be sure to do it at home too. (this is your mother talking again! he he)

  11. Things will improve all in good time hon. You have the best help in the world and loads of friends sending you love and hugs. Hope the therapy isn't to terribly painful. {{{{HUGS}}}

  12. Wow, it is a strange photo!! I hope the therapy will go well :-)

  13. I think you will do great with therapy. Yes, it takes lots of determination, might hurt, and one has to be patient. Think what might happen if you don't do it. OK, I won't bore you with stories, you've heard all of them before.

    As for a helper, I have my Mr. Bruce, whatever would I do without him.