Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday and Tomorrow is Therapy Day. :-(

I have 2 of five daily therapy exercises done and soon as I publish this, the third one will be underway.

I went out, shifting my car's gear shift with my right arm,  and whoa Nelly!  But ultimately it's good for me.  I headed to a large woodland park and took some pictures. The one of a little whirlpool was not I failed to adjust the speed with which I took the photo.  :-(

I went out for a combo heat and cool pad ( microwave or freezer..whichever you need at the time) at the drug store yesterday evening and an old lady, guess nearing 80 walked up to me pointing at my brace and edema glove.  She'd made up her mind I had had surgery and so wanted to know all about it.  As I didn't have surgery it was a little difficult to get her from that mind set until I decided who harm  done if that was what she needed my story to be. Though I didn't know her, I allowed close to half an hour of standing and listening to her talk about her children, her life and all the places around here she has lived.  She needed to talk or she wouldn't have approached me.  I hope I made her evening better. I'm glad there was no pressing reason to leave.

Have my lesson to study here in a few..soon as I do my exercises.  See you later.


  1. That's really kind of you to spare a moment for that lady. She sounds like she was probably a little lonely and I'm sure she appreciates what you did. :) I hope today's session doesn't bring too many tears.

  2. I've been "accosted" by little old ladies too, who do just need an ear, some company. Usually on the bus or in the grocery store. That easily could be me in a few decades, if I live that long, so I try not to be impatient. Sometimes I enjoy the chatting, sometimes I don't.

    Good luck with the exercises.

    I'm sorry you're not happy with the whirlpool photo...I just think it's fabulous you got out with your camera!

  3. So nice to take the time for the little lady. She's probably quite lonely and your kindness was just what she needed. It takes so little to lend an ear.

  4. Sorry you have to put the :-( there, anticipating tomorrow's therapy. So kind of you to have the patience to listen to the little old lady.

  5. Good for you dear friend. You probably made that grandma's day by letter her talk and showing an interest in her. Kudos to you for doing that.

  6. Thank you Twin for talking to that older lady. Some people have no one to talk to and I am sure you made her day!!

    good luck with the rest of your exercises.


  7. Beth is right. I always too talk to the elderly if they need to and sometimes your right they dont get it but it but really it doesnt matter. Hope all went well today and glad your on the mend. That in itself had to be a wonderful feeling.

  8. I hope the therapy went well. I admire you for talking to that lady. I've done things like that and figure the same as you: they likely needed to talk. You've always been there for me when I jabber away and I'm always grateful for that!

  9. I think the old lady really needed someone to talk to. You are so kind to listen to her. I'm sure her evening was much better after she talked to you :-)

  10. God bless you for taking the time to listen to that lady. She's probably lonely and aching for a little human contact. One of Frankie's regular customers at work just lost his wife a few weeks ago and the poor old guy is lost without her. He comes in every day and she always makes time to talk to him, no matter how busy they are. Her co-workers cover for her and her manager will even pitch in if need be.

    The therapy gets easier with time but it's not the be all, end all for recovery. You're smart to practice the things you need and want in your daily routine because you use your muscles and joints in different ways for different tasks and no amount of therapy will cover them all. As far as the photos go, I'll bet the satisfaction of getting out and shooting is more important than the quality of the image.

  11. I left a nice long get well and tribute to broken stuff but it got messed up. Just take care and get better.......

  12. Hi Sis! you have a gentle nature and so glad you gave time for this old lady.
    I noticed that when you go to the Nursery
    there so many an old people are just looking around the plants and started talking to everybody...
    Then I started talking too Sis AND sometime I really enjoy for changing my knowledge of the gardening things "When I'm not hurry time".

    The therapy are just of time that depends on how your muscles get recovery to normal..
    you are nearly get there Sis! PATIENCE! PATIENCE!
    Big Hugs Sis, Miyuki,Miss Catt, AND Victoria.

  13. Bless you, Carole for giving this elderly lady your time. So many are lonely and live in the past. Who knows, you may see her again.

  14. Beautiful photo. My stick is behaving much better but it takes awhile to load blogs.