Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who's In My Chair?

Three guesses who took over the computer office chair while I made a sandwich?  Oh, and another three guesses as to who is on the three legged wooden stool.  Yepper, that would be me.

Today was the last day for me to get my hair shampooed and styled at the salon.  I can now gather my hair up for night time as I used to..thank you therapy!! And I will bumble thru trying to style it.  Amazing to be this far along.  Pain in therapy makes for faster progress it seems.  I can painfully gather my hair up atop my head and manage to get an elastic band around it.  No more pitiful going from person to person begging "will you put my hair up for me please?"  Not an exaggeration.

Anyhow, that new picture in the header is one I took in Charlotte NC last October.  It is a reflection of the Bank of America Corporate HQ in another beautiful building..whose name escapes me just now.  I'll ask my son.  Charlotte is to me one of the most lovely cities there is.  Their downtown (they call it uptown, go figure!) is one of the prettiest I have ever seen.  Clean, wiring is buried or otherwise invisible..I love seeing it over and over.  If I didn't own the home I'm in free and clear for so long..and so on..Charlotte is where I would love to live.

I gave the cat a pouch of food...a flavor she hasn't had before and she sure showed me what her opinion was...she tried to bury it.  She kept kicking it with her front feet as if she had used the litterbox.  Needless to say, I removed it from her royal presence.

I hope all is well with you all?


  1. Hi Carole, one week and a few days for me to go and I will have my new hip. A friend ( my old dance partner) came over today, and cleaned my kitchen, wow, did she do a good job.

    Glad to here your physio is going well and that you are getting some use of you hand back, before you know it you will your full range of movement back and the pain will be gone. Take good care of yourself.

  2. What a stunning photograph!

    You sound like you are making meaningful progress with your hand, which is great news. Tell Admiral to share.

  3. The photo is beautiful!

    You are doing a wonderful job with your therapy!! I am proud of you.

    Have a fun trip and stay safe!


  4. Boy that reflective glass building looks so much like the John Hancock Tower up here. It's like "separated at birth".
    I like the photo very much!
    You weren't out on the streets begging people to put your hair up were you? I hope this isn't a growing trend. A new government statistic!

  5. Love the photo. Reminds me in ah weird way of Otto's outhouse he put stick'em up mirrors on it to reflect the trees. Pretty camo. So glad to hear you are biting the bullet and making improvement. No more hangin round corners for ah hair-do. Did that come out right??

  6. That is one great picture that you took. Of course Admiral is in your chair and you are on the stool - Cat rules - remember?

  7. That's a spectacular picture there for sure Carole. I like to get pictures in cities on occasion though I haven't been able to do that really since visiting Dublin. I pray that you have a good trip, stay safe and return blessed!

  8. Sis! The photos are beautiful though I can understand you love the city.
    Before I came to this country I had visits other states and I chose to live here.
    (My hubby had the office in the every states)
    Melbourne city is the planted city a lots of gardens, a wide road(not wide enough?)

    I'm glad you are back to normal way what you can do it your selves.

    I can tell you that from yesterday the weather is warm spring time, well I don't feel likes blogging BUT always I came to visit you Sis!
    Yesterday we went to played golf with other golf club ladies AND we won of the match playing but only one so far ....

    Please take care do slowly!
    Big Hugs to My dear Sis, Miss Catt, Miyuki, and Victoria.

  9. Thinking of you today..hope yours is a wonderful weekend. Love the picture..yours are always creative and interesting. :-)

  10. The picture is absolutely stunning. Wow! Little missy is a bit fussy huh?

  11. Your painful therapy is paying off!! It's really wonderful.
    I love the photo of your header. So beautiful!! I've been to Charlotte twice in the past. I thought the city looked very clean too.

  12. Your header is so beautiful for a city scene. Good eye on seeing that. Glad to hear you are making progress. Too bad all the pain has to come with it. It has been almost a year since our Wildflower our cat got to sleep on our bed. But our other cat that normally takes over our bed at night as been hunting during the night so Wildflower was in heaven for a couple of night snuggling with us in bed. Had my sisters all weekend here so both cats were in hiding all weekend. Hugs Carrie

  13. Charlotte must be a lovely city.
    You may have to get the Admiral her own 'puter chair. lol